5 Hacks for peaceful and stress-free school mornings + free printable

Photos by MarElly from Happy Thoughts Studios

#1 Wake up 15 minutes before the kids + set up your alarm

Waking up before the kids, has been life changing for me. Giving myself 15 extra minutes in the morning really helps me to wake up, gather my self & have some quiet time in prayer.  I like to pick out my clothes […]

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Gifting just got more glamorous! Be known as the #1 gifter, with Scout bags!

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Scout bags

I love the amazing quality of the Scout bags I just received. Just in time for Mother’s Day!

These bags have been so carefully crafted & are incredibly beautiful. They really are the gift that keeps on giving. This reusable gift bag is a gift in itself. It was […]

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When a dream becomes an Etsy shop reality: Oil and Glam, the pre-launch.

Last month, with boxes full of doTERRA essential oils, my dear friend Amy Gardner & I got together, planned, designed, and opened our Etsy store Oil and Glam.  High end, 100% natural products that are organic and glamorous.  We had a soft opening and we are currently planning our launch party.  Check out some of our products and join […]

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To the women suffering from anxiety, depression, suicide & panic attacks: you are loved & you are not alone. 

I find myself surrounded by beautiful women in all seasons of life. The ones birthing littles & carrying them in their bosoms, the ones that have stretch marks and flabby bellies- because they are surviving warriors, the ones with new wrinkles & wine glasses -filled with new found wisdom. The ones sitting in rocking chairs with fleeting eye sight & greying hairs -who […]

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