Gifting just got more glamorous! Be known as the #1 gifter, with Scout bags!

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Scout bags

I love the amazing quality of the Scout bags I just received. Just in time for Mother’s Day!

These bags have been so carefully crafted & are incredibly beautiful. They really are the gift that keeps on giving. This reusable gift bag is a gift in itself. It was […]

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When a dream becomes an Etsy shop reality: Oil and Glam, the pre-launch.

Last month, with boxes full of doTERRA essential oils, my dear friend Amy Gardner & I got together, planned, designed, and opened our Etsy store Oil and Glam.  High end, 100% natural products that are organic and glamorous.  We had a soft opening and we are currently planning our launch party.  Check out some of our products and join […]

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To the women suffering from anxiety, depression, suicide & panic attacks: you are loved & you are not alone. 

I find myself surrounded by beautiful women in all seasons of life. The ones birthing littles & carrying them in their bosoms, the ones that have stretch marks and flabby bellies- because they are surviving warriors, the ones with new wrinkles & wine glasses -filled with new found wisdom. The ones sitting in rocking chairs with fleeting eye sight & greying hairs -who […]

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How to do a ladies day trip to Magnolia Market

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Summer break

I usually spent countless summer hours by the pool, lathering sunblock, putting on puddle jumpers (although they just came off my last one), and making sure the kids are safe. I am all about making summer fun […]

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