Self love and how to cultivate your mental health.

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mental health

A stress free, anxiety free, depression free life is a myth. 

I think we are quick to believe that we are immune to depression, anxiety, & stress. That somehow, because we haven’t face it, we never will. (and ) While I’m no mental health professional, I think it is safe for me to say, that in this life we could face a season or two when we are faced with challenges that will affect our mental health. What do we do then?

Mental health is a forbidden topic, we don’t talk about it enough – we just ignore it or numb it or drown it in our wine glasses. Why aren’t we talking about something that we could all be facing at one point or another in our lives. Why are we not equipping each other and learning from each other’s mistakes like we do with other topics?

mental health

mental health

suicide statistic

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Hello friend! I am Melissa...a Caribbean girl now living in Austin,Texas.  A beach lover living in the middle of hill country; I write about what inspires me to balance a life as a mother, wife, DIYer, traveler, hostess and homemaker.



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