Hello friend! I am Melissa

I am a creative soul & throwing parties is what I love! I also love over-dressing for every occasion, decorating our home, hosting every event imaginable &  if I could,  I would buy every single Peony I see!  I love decor & white spaces; Big Foot and cupcakes -yes in that order.  I blast Bruno Mars over my speakers & secretly bust out a couple of dance moves while cooking in my kitchen !!

I am a wife – I married my best-friend! He is super smart, super cute and a total goof ball; I am totally smitten by him. I am a mom of two beautiful kiddos – they are my inspiration, daily motivation and the reason my hair/clothes/house are always a mess. I would not have it any other way.

 Glammed Events is a creatively beautiful Life  & Style Blog that allows me to be creative  we thrive on:   creating inspiration   +   sharing life events   +   amplify glam in everyday life. We are an inspirational blog sharing ideas on how to incorporate “functional glam to everyday life”. From home decor and DIY’s to gardening and mom life; from entertaining ideas to sharing yummy recipes…we are all about glam in every detail.  We believe that sharing our stories can bring us together glamorously.

I hope that you are captivated by something beautiful on our website. It is our goal to inspire you to bring glam to your everyday life.

So….Pour up a drink! Kick off your heels, sandals or cowgirl boots! It’s time to get inspired!