Are you having a love affair? We are

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Are you having a love affair? We are

My husband and I got in a love affair…with each other. We have started dating each other again;  after 11 years of marriage. Its one of those things that refreshes our marriage and our love for each other.

With two kids, busy schedules, demanding careers & family life, our couple time was diminishing.  Ours became a broken relationship  – we knew it was time to invest in building a stronger marriage. We did not want to be two strangers living under the same roof, loveless room mates or worst divorced. We missed the friendship. I missed my best friend, the guy who made me laugh, who carried me thru puddles & danced Salsa with me in the middle of parking lots.

It used to be us against the world, Bonnie and Clyde -but before we realized it, we had become bickering strangers. We had perfect excuses & the blame was for the both of us to bare. I cannot say one was to blame more than the other. We just allowed life to distract us from our love for each other; it was time to do or let it die.  We sat down and decided to set aside time, to invest in a good, healthy relationship -starting with becoming friends again. I had forgotten who he was. His amazing personality, how detailed and funny he is. I began to date my husband.  I had forgotten who I am, I was amazing at being a mom; but I had forgotten to be a great wife. So, setting all pain aside I opened up and allowed this guy to get to know me all over again- alone on dates. Are you dating your spouse? If not, I recommend that you begin. (want me to write more on how we overcame our relationship challenges. please leave me a comment below. What are you struggling with in your relationship?)

Here is one of our favorite dates: a day in Old San Juan Puerto Rico.

Paseo de la Princesa

A date at Old San Juan

After dropping off the kids with the grandparents, we drove and parked at the Princesa Parking lot. Our first stop was La Princesa. La Princesa is now a museum, but it was a jail built when the island was under the Spanish rule. Stunning courtyards, brick walls covered in cement and the charming Spanish architecture that surrounded us. You have to take in all that is Old San Juan -its beauty, its charm & even the heat.

We explored three remaining jails, with working doors and latches, located towards to back of the museum and only after entering a narrow passage way.  Cute for pictures and for exploring but clearly not so great for those who were once confined to these small walls.

This is the beautiful court yard where the three small jails are located.

We did pause a bit to reflect and really take in where we were. While La Princesa is now a beautifully maintained museum  -these walls have witnessed many atrocities. *(read more here).

After checking out the museum and the jails we spend the rest of our afternoon walking the beautiful city that is San Juan. There are so many cute streets & painted buildings and corners to discover.

Early lunch break at Cafe el Punto 

We found a little hole in the wall restaurant, with amazing food and magical, artisanal drinks. Seriously, from the outside you could barely tell there was a restaurant at the end of the hall way and inside its not much of a restaurant either. A very rustic & quaint restaurant with a small bar, but don’t be fooled. This small place is a gem. Flavorful food and AMAZING drinks.

avocado stuffed with skirt steak

trifongo topped with garlic shrimp

parcha mojito

classic mojito

but about these drinks…

let me borrow a moment of your time, to share all about our amazing bartender Giovanni and his amazing drinks. Its an art! His mojito creations are like none I have ever tasted. Right before our eyes his hands worked on a magic potion. He muddled mint leaves with sugar water, creating this deep green, aromatic water. He added that to our cups, with some rum. Then poured freshly squeezed lime juice (which he had previously prepared), some ice & stirred. He garnished it all with freshly picked picked mint and slice of lime.  OH! to the yum!!

Alas, lunch was amazing! We sat and talked for a couple of hours. We planned and toiled. I am pretty sure that we finally came up with a plan on how to take over the world. Tears, laughter and kisses, were all part of that table talk. My favorite person was sitting there besides me, my crazy, fun, loving, goofy husband…my best friend. You forget how amazing they are. Time muddles fun times, even love… that’s why little reminders, like these dates, are so vital to our relationship’s existence. Talking about those difficult subjects, finances, sex, hurts…all out in the open-where words are not interrupted with little ones, tv or other types of distractions.

The rest of the afternoon we spent shopping, exploring and walking down un-even brick roads/sidewalks.  It was so nice to hang out and just be friends, no worries, no distractions, just us! One of those neat places was La Casa de la Pina Colada.

There is so much to see…we actually planned a second date to explore everything else we didn’t get to check out… read all about that date & check out the narrowest house in the world here.

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