DRINKS ARE AN ESSENTIAL PART OF ANY PARTY.  Which means one thing…its time to learn how to properly stock your bar. I love hosting and entertaining and a stocked bar is so important to the success of any gathering.   Let me share with you how I stock an amazing Bar at Home.  I am using a Bar Cart for this party, but you can do the same set up on your counter space or a table.  This awesome post will help you remember all the important details and have you hosting like a pro at your Home.


Choose the glassware for your party.  The types of glasses you need are determine by the drinks you will serve.  Different types of drinks are served in different glasses.  Click and go to my Pinterest board: GLASSWARE GUIDE for more information and inspiration.  For this dinner party I chose stemless wine glasses and martini glasses.

Be sure to clean your glasses and hand dry them. Check each glass for water stains/spots and wipe them clean with a hand towel.  Inspecting each glass is so important, the last thing you want to do is to serve on a dirty glass.  After your glassed are clean be sure to line up the glasses -placing them where your guests can reach them.


Pro hosting tip: Use tags, charms or markers to identify each person’s glass. As the evening progresses and the drinks start flowing, it is harder to remember where your guests have placed their glasses.  Identifying your glassware helps your guests know which glass is theirs, it also limits the amount of glasses needed for the evening.

Click on the image below to shop for identifiers. These are affiliate links, which mean I make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you.


I have crated a list of the essential items every bar should have, you can downloaded it for free here.  But let me give you an over view of my  TOP Essential Items every home bar should have.

  • BAR CART- This is by far one of the most versatile hosting tools that I own. From a beautifully stocked bar to a pie cart to even kids cake station -every host should own a fabulous Bar Cart. The three tiers help distribute all the bar essentials and it frees up my counter space.
  • CORKSCREWS & BOTTLE OPENERS – The are a must for opening wine bottles, beer bottles for your guests.
  • NAPKINS & CLOTH NAPKINS – Your bar you always have both cloth napkins to wipe any spills, to hold a chilled bottle & and collect any condensation. Choose beautiful paper napkins that match your party decor, so that your guest can use one with their drinks
  • BAR SPOON/ STIRRING STICKS – These are extra long spoons used to stir your drinks/cocktails.
  • ICE BUCKET- Keep your drinks cool and also provide ice for drinks without having.
  • ICE TONGS- Are vital in your bar, so that guests can serve themselves ice without having to use their hands.
  • GLASSWARE – The right glass for your cocktail or drink. More
  • WINE COASTER– These are great and protect your surface areas from the condensation of wine bottles or any spills ( like red wine on marble).
  • DECANTERS – They are a beautiful way of  serving your alcohol.
  • SHAKER– These are a must have tool in your bar, used to mix your drinks by shaking them.
  • COCKTAIL JIGGER– This is an awesome tool to measure the amount of alcohol that goes in a drink.


Make sure that you buy enough alcohol for your party, a good rule is: one drink, per guest, per hour.  In addition to the alcohol make sure you get the mixers, juices, sodas, sparkling water & the garnishes. Carefully read your drink recipe, go shopping and stock your bar.   Before the party make sure that the garnishes are prepared…e.g.  slicing lime wedges, skewering olives or onions, separating sprigs of thyme…etc.  and make sure that they are beautifully plated at your bar.


Before your party, be sure to prepare your drinks ahead of time. For my party I served Cosmopolitans ( my favorite drink). Before my party started I squeezed fresh lime juice and added that to my glass pitcher, then I added cranberry juice, Orange Liquor and Vodka. I stirred it all together and place it in the refrigerator. I don’t add ice to my pitcher because it waters down the drink. Because I prepared ahead of time I am able to cool it down. When the party starts, my drink is pre-made and ready to serve.  2 hours before a party I cool my white wines.  Be sure to prep before the party as much as possible.


Now  you are  ready for your guests to arrive. Greet them at the door, lead them to the bar and pour them a drink. A note to remember is to always have a none alcoholic option and always have water available at the bar for your guests. Water bottle make a great options, but an eco-friendly option is to have a pitcher of cold ice water. Go party like a pro!


(Click link/image to download the free printable guide)

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