Best Gelato in Old San Juan

Located at 65 Calle Fortaleza, San Juan- Anita La Mama del Gelato – is the perfect stop for a refreshing cup of ice cold heaven. Delicious flavors and its great location makes this Gelateria the perfect stop when visiting Old San Juan.

You will love the variety of flavors, there was something for everyone of us, including non dairy options for me. My favorite was the Limoncello flavor – I liked the tart and sweet flavor. It was perfectly balanced and really refreshing.  It really is the best gelato in old san juan.

Portions are great, I got a small cup and I was really pleased with the amount of gelato I was served. There ice cram cone options as well, and if you want a little more then you can choose a bigger portion too.

Cute and delicious cookies was placed on every gelato served, both beautiful and a crispy, sweet bite. Attention to detail, and great service really made this a great experience for us.

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