Family is coming home for the Holidays. Is your home ready? My linen closet sits right by the guest bathroom and guest bedroom, once that door opens everyone sees what is in there. I love a neat, clean and organized closet. Can you relate?  This year we can all be ready and organized.

The linens closet sits right in between our guest-bedroom and guest bathroom – which are right by our entry way. I think that is the main reason why I always make sure that it looks edited, styled and very organized. I hate to even admit it, but I want it to look like a store display in there.  Now that mom is coming home for the holidays, I want to make sure that all of our linens are not only organized but also refreshed. I want the fresh, aromatic scent of clean linens encompassing her as she opens that linens door.


I also decided to gain control over the mess that was once, my overcrowded linens closet. The key to having my closet looking neat, organized and styled is purging.  A minimalist approach to organizing has been so life changing. Keeping only the essentials and making sure every piece has a place to call home – a place it belongs at.  I never realized how many random pillow cases I had and  that I only need a couple of cleaning rags and not 20!! Purging is bliss.



With fewer items being housed in my linen closet, I found it easier to keep it clean. I cleaned the closet itself -all its shelves and even the floor area.  There is something magical about starting off on a clean slate, its almost rejuvenating. Anyways, I began to play around with the items that I owned. I invested in bins and baskets – cute stuff that I like to look at every time I open that closet.  After all, my goal is to have it look as attractive as a store display. Off-white baskets and bins to be filled with linens and other items that call the linens closet home.



Once all else was in place, a clean closet, organizational bins and basket purchased;  it was time to refresh the linens, towels, blankets… so I used a powerful laundry detergent for those with the highest standards for cleanliness – like my mom.  Having one dependable laundry detergent that fights stains and odors has made my life easier. Persil ProClean stain fighting enzymes break down stains and delivered exceptionally clean items…and you know how even clean linen can get that musky odor -if stored for too long-  I found that Persil Laundry Detergent breaks down built-in odors to keep your linen smelling great. This is all a game changer for me because my mom has an exceptional nose.

Now that my linen’s closet is neat, clean, organized and refreshed – I am ready for the pickiest of guests.  I also been inspired to refresh other areas of the house. Inspired by how amazing the linen closet looked I decided that the laundry room needed a little styling and updating. It used to be one of my least favorite rooms of the house. I applied the same principles of purging and housing items where they belong. I was able to get rid of so much and make use of brighter, more beautiful baskets and bins.  I love my cute, tiny laundry room now!

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