Okay mom and dads, its here….

Summer is already here…I’ll let that sink in for a moment… If you’re looking for some fun, family-friendly, summer hangout ideas, we’ve got them. Listen, summer has somehow arrived early!!!! It is not your fault!! I am convinced that May had less than 31 days this year!  But don’t panic… you can still plan an amazingly fun, family-friendly, summer and make some great memories.

fun, family-friendly, summer hang-out ideas

I have created an awesome, Summer Bucket list (that you can download for free) filled with activities that you can do with your families!  So scroll down, fill, click and boom! You are ready to party!

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    one more tip … or two!

    Now that you have your list, just pack some yummy, Summer Snack Ideas, a summer emergency kit & go! I have some great make ahead, snack ideas….just click here. Also, be sure to pack a Kids Care kit (because you have kids & kids get hurt…a lot…and bandaids have magical healing powers).


    Be sure to take a peek at how our family has been spending summer trying the Summer Bucket list ideas. You will find posts filled with adventure & tons of goofiness curtesy of the @unglammedClyde !!