All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

Okay, maybe I am not ready to go & I will admit that my bags are not all packed…but my kids’ sure are! I just finished packing the kids for a 10 day Disney World vacation to sunny and warm Orlando, Florida. Give me all the Dole Whips, Mickey Ears and put on “Its a small world” song on repeat, cause I am so ready to be there.  This post is about How to pack kids luggage for a stress free vacation using small bags for a change of cloth each day.

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What I’m not ready for, are spending mornings digging thru my kids luggage trying to determine the outfit of the day.  Who has time for that?! There is no time to waist, especially on a vacation mornings.  In an attempt to keep things a little organized and stress free, I have packed the kids bag with a purpose!  So here are some awesome tips on how to pack your kids luggage…

What you will need:

Here is all that you will need to get your kids clothes packed and organized for your trip.  First, make sure the luggage is big enough to fit your child’s bagged outfits and with room for shoes.  Second, buy enough large ziplock bags, one per outfit and last but not least make sure you have all the clothes that your kiddos will need for your vacation, including extra under garments and extra change of clothes.

One outfit/per day/ per child:

One thing that was very helpful for me was packing a complete outfit for each day. Socks, underwear, pants and a shirt. (for girls I added a bow or a head band to match her outfit)

First, select the clothes.

Next, place the nicely folded outfit in the ziplock bag.

One last tip: try to remove as One last tip: remove as much air as possible before closing ziplock.


Also good to remember to pack for:

  •  a change of clothes when going to water parks
  • packing swim wear (and then using it to store wet clothes)
  • These bags can be reused to place dirty clothes in.
  • extra pair of shoes.


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