Im a creative person and with that comes a wave of non stop ideas…

These waves of ideas, force me to sit down and write them in a notebook, before I go to bed. Failure to do so, results in a night of tossing and turning and trying to control my very active brain.  Have you ever had one of those nights?

ON one of those nights, I was inspired & able to design the bones of my website. I knew the colors I wanted. I figured out pages and subheadings….I saw images in my head and planned the entire layout of the site. I was on a roll…

then I got stuck.

stuck & frustrated.

Its not that I lacked the creativity or the talent to be able to tackle and accomplish my task.  It was more along the lines of creative frustration.  So much to do, so many ideas, in such different areas…(parties, gardening, house renovations, diy’s…) it just becomes overwhelming and paralyzing, all at once. Have you ever been in that situation? I have and for me, having a plan of attack (against those paralyzing/momentum killing moments) was the only way to get out of my funk!

How to get out of that funk

How to get out of that funk

Here are three things I have done, that have helped me get unstuck. I hope they can work for you.

1. Stop.  

I stop whatever I am currently working on & come back to it later. When I spend hours and hours working on one single project, I tend to loose sight of the beauty that I have created. It is also during this time of frustration, when I want to start fresh and want to “throw away” what I have done. I have learned that walking away & coming back to it later helps me love and admire my work in a different way.

 2. Change. 

2. Change.

Another awesome way to get out of your funk, is by changing your scenery. I love to find different places where I can blog. I feel like inspirations surrounds me when I get to experience and sit down at different places.  Find a cute coffee shop or a corner at your favorite restaurant, maybe a park or even a cool place downtown… a change of scenery might be exactly what you might need to spark that creative engine!

3. Get. 

Finally, get a fresh perspective on what you are working on.  As a creative, I tend to see things very differently than a lot of others around me. However, there is something magical about having someone, very different than you, give you pointers or their opinion on what you are working on. It does not mean that you have to change your work to fit their style, but if you listen carefully, they will always have a new angle and see something that you have missed…or give you a completely new idea for a next project…and your creative wave ,may come back like a lighting bolt!!

I love hearing from you…have you tried these ideas? what do you think of them? Please message me or leave a comment below!