We did a couple of  little updates to our entry way that feels like we did huge changes. It brightened up the space and made it more warm and inviting…but more importantly it filled this space with peace and calm.  Earlier this year we painted the entire entryway in this white color. it made the space so much bigger and made the house look more vibrant and inviting.


 entryway update


Earlier this year we updated the pathway of our entryway with these gorgeous pavers. They united the space and widen the path to the front door. Check out  How to Install Cement Pavers for a Beautiful Entryway   post for all the details on how to install and get the look.


remove fixture


Here’s what we decided to do . This gorgeous, hanging brass light fixture was in our home right in our foyer area. It hung so low that it made the ceiling seem lower than it really is. Moving this hanging light fixture outside, to our entryway updated both spaces. We used this one outside and I have bought a different one for this space.

1- remove the hanging light fixture.


paint the ceiling


2- We painted the area where the new light fixture would be hung. The old light fixture was bigger, once removed two different colors were exposed so we painted all one same color.


electrical work


3- I am lucky enough to be married to a man who knows all about electricity. His years in the CG prepared him for all those electrical house projects we have been doing around here. Next step was to get the light fixture all wired up and connected.


touch ups


4- We did some paint touch ups here and there – since the paint was out already. The entryway had chipped paint from previous Christmas decoration, so we went ahead and painted over that.


final touches


Finally, it all came together. The hanging light fixture matched perfectly with the lanterns that I already had. In this case having a hanging fixture attracted the eye up towards the ceiling making the space appear larger.




In the end, our entryway is full of life, its inviting and full of so many details that entice the eyes. The white space contrasts against the all the greenery and I am obsessed with how everything has worked together so beautifully. The entry mat and the paver’s color tones look amazing together. I hope you have enjoyed this update, get inspired and check out all of the resources below.