to start




The most productive days are set apart by certain markers that we place ourselves. Once we meet those markers, we then measure our levels of success against them and this determines our productivity. How do you measure a productive day? or rather what determines a productive day for you? While we must keep into consideration that productivity means different things to each of us, we  all have one common goal we want to be productive. So now the question stands …How to start a productive day?


define productivity


Productivity looks different for every person…it might even look different for you each day.  In order to start a productive day you first must define what productivity will look like for you today.


stop to start


Here’s what has worked for me. I start by slowing down. That’s right, I stop to enjoy a good cup of strong coffee ( espresso with maple syrup ).  Slowing down is what allows me to have a really great start on my day. A mind that is overloaded with lots of things, accomplishes nothing.  Hence, stoping to get set is a vital first step.

1- Stop what you are doing and set your day. Sip on something that brings you joy. For me, it’s drinking coffee.


gratitude mindset


make a list of 5 things you are grateful for today. When we focus on what we have and not on what we want, we shift to a grateful & positive mentality.  A positivity and gratefulness are vital to  increasing daily  productivity.  Think of it like an energy drink to boost your mental game.


set those goals


Do goal setting for the day. Goals are the markers that you need to hit, they determine the level of the success of your day… Success meaning if you were  productive or not.  Set one small, attainable, daily goal that will help you achieve  your weekly goal. Like a building block of goals that help you achieve your big weekly and eventually monthly goal.


gratitude mindset


Finally, I have some prayer time or you can mediate. Because when I align myself with Him, I find peace. Taking a moment to be mentally silent is the final piece of the puzzle. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, stop those to do thoughts and just focus on your breathing.  You are ready to slay the day.

This new habit has allowed me to shift my day, accomplish more and be in a better mood.