Saltillo tile kitchen floors are durable and glamorous. Which make them perfect flooring for the kitchen of your dreams.  When we remodeled our kitchen we  designed it around these Mexican tile floors and now I am so glad that we did. The rustic tile look of the floors against our updated kitchen cabinets, gives this space such a warm and comfortable feel.  Check out some of my favorite reasons as to Why Saltillo tile is good for your kitchen floors.

Saltillo Tile Floors are easy to clean.

The first reason why Saltillo tile is good for your kitchen floor is that they are easy to clean.  We love to cook and eat at home; meal prep and everything in between. Most of all we love hosting parties and gatherings at our home; nothing beats all the sharing and laughing that happens around our kitchen.  With all the cooking and prepping that we do, one thing is for sure… spills, big messes and ” I accidentally dropped it” happen all the time.  Saltillo tile is so easy to clean; I don’t  stress about them staining. We simply clean spills using a rag or we use a steam mop  bigger messes.  For more info on how I clean my Saltillo Floors, check out my HOW YOU CAN KEEP YOUR SALTILLO TILE FLOORS CLEAN AND SHINY post and get all the details.

Saltillo tile kitchen floors hides daily dirty.

I have to confess something and please don’t judge me…I don’t mop or vacuum my Mexican tile floors everyday. That felt good to say aloud.  Life happens and as a busy work from home small business owner, author, blogger, wife, mom, plant baby and doggy momma…I don’t always have time to clean my floors. So there are times when I skip cleaning the floors for a three or four (…ish) days (who is counting).  Saltillo tile is good for kitchen floors because they are so good at hiding daily dirty.  It’s not that they hide all the dirt perfectly, its more like its less noticeable than other flooring options out there. If I am being completely transparent most days I know my floors need vacuuming because I feel the dirt against my feet, not because I see it.

Saltillo Tile kitchen floor are so durable.

Another reason why Saltillo tile is good for kitchen floor is that they are durable.  I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped a can of beans or a jar full of pasta sauce ( okay, the pasta sauce might have been someone else who lives with me, lol) but the point is… that the tile has survived. We have also had two different water flooding situations and these floors did not get damaged. I love their resilience and durability, even when we had to do work on the house.  I also share the house with two kids, one husband, two dogs and a bunch of friends that love hanging out as much as we do. These kitchen floors are in constant use and they are so durable, they hide all the wear and tear so well. These rustic, Mexican tile floors are amazingly durable.

Decorating a Kitchen with Saltillo tile floors is fun.

Finally, and probably one of my favorite reasons why Saltillo tile is good for kitchen floors is because of all the decor options it opens up. If you are thinking that only Mexican, Tex Mex, or Rustic style decor goes with Saltillo tile floors, then think again. These rustic floors are amazing to decorate with and they bring such a unique flair to a kitchen. Check out below more posts on how I have decorated different rooms in my home highlighting the beauty and the statement piece that are Saltillo tiles.

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