Vases and Decorating with neutral blooms

Vases and Decorating

After sharing my post on WAINSCOTING WALL + DIY,  I received so many DM’s about decorating with vases.  So I decided to write this post. Vases offer a splendid means to infuse personality into a space. With minimal effort, you can introduce color and texture, fostering a versatile design ethos. Their flexibility allows for experimentation across rooms, configurations, and placements, […]

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Fall decor for your coffee table

Fall Decor for your Coffee Table

This weekend we drove to Waco, Tx just to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. We arrived at Magnolia really late, 15 minutes before closing. They have just lost power which meant the Silos Baking Company, Magnolia Home and Magnolia Coffee Press were all closed. With barely anyone on the grounds we ventured […]

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