How to find pockets of peace and glam in bookshelf decor

How many times have you re arranged the decor on your bookshelves? Raise your hand if you are constantly looking at what Shae Mcgee is styling, so that you can get inspiration for your bookshelf too? ha ha! I am guilty too. I used to arrange and re-arrange those bookshelves all the time. I never liked what they looked like…until recently. My whole motto […]

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Saltillo tile for a Sophisticated Living Room

Saltillo Tiles: Beautiful, Durable, and Easy to Clean.

Saltillo tiles are not just attractive; they’re also durable and simple to maintain. They bring a charming rustic touch that complements various design aesthetics. While commonly associated with Ranch, Mexican, and Spanish style homes, these versatile floors can also enhance modern and minimalist settings. Personally, I love the high-glam, white-on-black color scheme in my home, and Saltillo […]

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Christmas Decoration Inspirations

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Hello friends, I have been meaning to write this post for a while, and the time has finally arrived! I am sharing all the cute Christmas Decor around my home that I have been posting on Instagram. I went with a gold, green and reds color palette this year. The kids decorated the Christmas tree -and while its not perfect- […]

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Spooky Glam Party

I am all about Spooky Glam decor. Simple & glam DIY decor that decorates my home in a really glamorous way.  This year I decorated the front door with glittery spiders and the front yard with Black Flamingos. The black flamingos were a lot of fun to make. Go check out how I made those in this fun DIY.  I […]

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Glam Table Setting Ideas: How to easily Style a Table

Since we are already halfway through September and the holidays basically start the second that Halloween is over, I thought I would share ideas and inspirations for holiday table setting. You know that I am all about functional glam, so I wanted to show you, different table setting options for the holidays. I am including shopable links so that you can get the looks you […]

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Vases and Decorating with neutral blooms

Vases and Decorating

After sharing my post on WAINSCOTING WALL + DIY,  I received so many DM’s about decorating with vases.  So I decided to write this post. Vases offer a splendid means to infuse personality into a space. With minimal effort, you can introduce color and texture, fostering a versatile design ethos. Their flexibility allows for experimentation across rooms, configurations, and placements, […]

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Fall decor for your coffee table

Fall Decor for your Coffee Table

This weekend we drove to Waco, Tx just to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. We arrived at Magnolia really late, 15 minutes before closing. They have just lost power which meant the Silos Baking Company, Magnolia Home and Magnolia Coffee Press were all closed. With barely anyone on the grounds we ventured […]

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Create your Learning space for Back to School

Create your Learning space for Back to School

Whether you have decided on in-person learning or virtual learning for this year, one thing is for sure, we are all on back-to-school mode trying to get things ready and set for our kids.  So I wanted to share how we are getting ready for back to school and how we have made a learning […]

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Entryway table’s Brushed Golden Brass Finish knobs

June 2020

Today I am so excited to show you the Brushed Golden Brass Finish knobs that I have used on the dresser table in our black entryway.  I’m absolutely LOVING the texture and look of these Brass Knob from Belwith Keeler with the neutral brushed golden brass tone.  These are great statement accessory pieces that are beautifully displayed in […]

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