Puerto Rico’s Best Culinary Experience

This is Puerto Rico’s best Culinary Experience.  Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento, is the latest gastronomy project of the Argentinian Chef  Mariano Andrés Sena.  As the name suggest this is a culinary movement which will take the Chef’s kitchen to different parts of Puerto Rico; along side of Federico Molla – the other culinary mastermind behind this movement. We  enjoyed their  culinary art at their […]

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Tostones: How to cook Puerto Rican fried plantains

Tostones – Fried Green Plantains

I grew up eating tostones on the island of Puerto Rico. Double fried green plantains are easier to make than you think. Nothing beats the taste of tostones, they make a great side to any dish and are also considered to be paleo friendly and also Whole30 diet compliant.  Platanos are considered a starchy fruit, although they are consumed like […]

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