This is Puerto Rico’s best Culinary Experience.  Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento, is the latest gastronomy project of the Argentinian Chef  Mariano Andrés Sena.  As the name suggest this is a culinary movement which will take the Chef’s kitchen to different parts of Puerto Rico; along side of Federico Molla – the other culinary mastermind behind this movement. We  enjoyed their  culinary art at their culinary home: Hacienda SiempreViva, located in the mountains of Cayey. This is a gastronomy experience like to other.


This spectacular view was when the prelude to unforgettable experience.  We were swept away to a seductive experience like no other- with relax vibes, enjoyable and vibrant music and astronomical food.


Don Ponche a smoked pineapple and bitters infused bourbon cocktail.

Provocative and an orgasmic culinary experience.

Thought provoking food, that invites you to slow down and enjoy carefully crafted, artisan gastronomy. The experience began with Chef Sena’s  brief introduction of who they are; not a restaurant, but a self described event/experience.   The purposeful pauses between courses invite the guests to slow down and explore the grounds, to pause and stay a while…the stunning ground of Hacienda SiempreViva, are so inviting that once you see it, it has a strong grip on you and you give in to its beauty.

We were first teased with a pop corn appetizer that was far from ordinary. Caramel and spices married beautifully into each popped cornel, a very welcomed burst of bold flavors in your mouth. It’s intriguing and in a way seduces the palette for more.

As prelusive as the pop corn was, there was no way of preparing me for what I was about to taste.


A beautifully crafted passion fruit and citrus ceviche with an avocado foam garnished with a radish slice. This was one of my favorite dishes of the night. The passion fruit and citrus notes teased my taste buds; there was this mind blowing balance of flavors. The ají dulce ( which is a type of sweet peppers found in Caribbean cuisine) played such a delicate role against the soft, melt in your mouth fish. The radish was the last thing I was invited to eat, a palette cleanser of sorts. This dish had me wanting more, I was hooked…

Chef Mariano Sena, The culinary mastermind

The music is slowly muted as Chef Sena grabs the mic…it’s an indication that the next course is about to be served. Both a call to the guests to come back to their tables as well as an enhancement to the experience.  Sena begins to describe each dish and you realize the love, the passion that has gone to every dish. There has been careful attention in the selection of each ingredients and flavor combination.


A take on Lemon Soup made with a clarified broth with smoked Chile morita. Chef described that once the broth was ready, it was finalized with lemon peel, giving the soup an acid infusion. smoke ham and garnished with crispy tortilla chips.

Sangria Bohemia

My favorite drink of the night.  Passion fruit, cherry and smokey citrus infused flavors made this such a refreshing and delightful cocktail. I loved the garnishes and the perfectly balanced juices were not over powered by the spirit used, as a good cocktail is meant to be.

We had a spectacular view inside the main room but we walked around to explore the view from the deck.  Wide doors opened up to another level, the gorgeous dinning room was covered in windows from wall to wall – with a view to the ocean seen at the distance passed the mountains. It’s a natural masterpiece, the most masterful piece of eyes my eyes have seen. This is a beautiful island and we didn’t take for granted how grateful we were to be there admiring such beauty.


Cucumber granita topped with, tahin which is ground, dried chile peppers (a blend of chiles de árbol, guajillo and pasilla), dehydrated lime and sea salt. This was another palate cleanser. Delicious, spicy and smokey at the same time, with a refreshing and cooling note on your tongue.


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Then came the main course Smoked Ribs, marinated in cumin chimichurri with a potato pure that was  topped with a layer of roasted bell peppers with olive oil and  onion, tomato, minced garlic, and salt. Finished with crispy potato skin on top.

The chef gracefully cooked a tuna filet for me. I have to say that this was the most incredible dish of the night and dare I say, that I have ever tasted. A crust of carefully blended spices created a layer of seductive flavors, I was so enthralled  by this course that the rest of the meal was forgotten. If I had to chose one dish to eat for the rest of my life I would chose this Tuna. Perfectly pink on the inside, soft, and crispy  on the outside. The blend that was crafted played in perfect harmony with the tuna. This dish is out of this world. These warm, smokey salty flavors danced in my mouth and intoxicated my mind, I was completely entrapped.  Perfectly paired with a potato pure, escalibada and the crispy potato skins. This dish was the climax of the entire experience.



A special thanks to Chef Mariano Sena y Federico Molla.  Bohemia, Cocina en movimiento was a culinary expression that created an epic  experience for us. We had such a romantic time, a day away to reconnect and slow down.

This beautiful concept is the perfect union of amazing chefs in the gastronomy industry against the gorgeous scenery of La Hacienda SiempreViva, amongst the Cayey maintains. It is a must lived experience and I recommend anyone visiting Puerto Rico to come and make room for this in you schedule.

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