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Summer is all about enjoying a good time in your outdoor spaces. Today I am sharing how to make outdoor space ready for summer. A comfortable, functional and glam space. From decor, cleaning, to how to get rid of those pesky pests that might get in the way of your enjoyment, come on and check out how to add some functional glam outdoors and be Backyard Summer Ready.

From This…. to This


The first thing that you want to do to get your outdoor space ready for summer,  is to clear out everything from your space. That’s right, I am talking about moving every single item…from small flower pots to huge planters, furniture to rugs..everything needs to be cleared out of your space. Why? Because moving everything out of this space will allow the space to be deep cleaned. If your space is anything like mine, during winter it accumulated leaves, dust and other outdoor debris.

  • Remove furniture, pots & planters.
  • Remove rugs and any other big items.
  • Clearing out the space for deep cleaning.

I planted my palm trees into beautiful, white planters before I cleaned the area out. Any spilled soil could be washed away. Then I moved them out of the space.

 to get your outdoor space ready for summer: Clean your outdoor space

The second thing that you can do is to deep clean your space. I made sure to thoroughly clean the floors. We used eco-friendly soap, scrubbed it all down with a broom and then rinsed it all away with a power hose.

  • Clean with eco-friendly soap.
  • Scrub it down with an outdoor broom.
  • Rinse it all away.

Bring on the decor

It’s finally time to bring on the decor. This is my favorite part. I love bringing in glam and style to any space. In an elegant but functional way. First I brought in a beautiful carpet. This rug had the most glam shade of blue against a crisp white pattern. It popped as soon as I placed it in this area- that’s when I knew it belonged there. Next I moved the furniture in, one by one. I moved them around until I found the perfect flow. The rest of the details brought in color and added texture to this space. The small pots had warm colors and hues and the huge planters bounced a playful vibe against the rug. Last but not least I added accent pillow to bring life, comfort and a homey feel to our outdoor space.

  • Bring in rugs.
  • Then add furniture & seating.
  • Add pots, planters and accent pillows.

To get your outdoor space ready for summer Work the Flow

The flow of your outdoor space has to work. We have our seating area on the far end of our space and our “dining area” on the opposite end, near the outdoor kitchen. I suggest that you make sure to place side tables next to any seats in your sitting area, this is so that you are your guests can use them to place their drinks. Another great tip is spacing – make sure that space between your furniture, leaving enough room for you to be able to walk.

How to get rid of those pesky pests:

Here is one of my tips to get your outdoor space ready for summer, get rid of those pesky pets with Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer. Get those corners, behind your sitting area and behind the pots & planters…anywhere that bugs, ants, roaches could be creeping around.

Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer (Fresh Floral)

With Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer (Fresh Floral), I am able to knockdown creepy crawlers faster than ever before, it has the brand’s strongest ant/roach/spider killer formula yet and it shows! Killing roach, spiders, spiders, fleas, crickets, Asian lady, beetles, stink bugs, palmetto bugs, waterbugs and ants (excluding harvester ants) on contact; plus it keeps killing for up to 3 months (on non-porous surfaces excluding spiders, fleas, and carpenter, pharaoh and fire ants). The spray leaves no oily residue and it has a fresh floral scent that I enjoy. I like to specially spray my walls and corner areas near the back door into my home for extra protection. I don’t want any insects getting inside my home. This product can also be used indoors to kill ants, cockroaches.

Enjoy your space

Thanks to Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer (Fresh Floral), and all of these wonderful tips that we have shared, you too can enjoy glamorous and functional outdoor space. So head on over to and add Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer (Fresh Floral) and all the beautiful plants, rugs, accents pillows and decor to your cart. Let’s get ready to enjoy a summer full of outdoor fun. I bought this at Walmart but you can also find this at Publix, The Home Depot, or Dollar General.

Click on the image below to shop for your favorite Hot Shot® products.

Safe shopping that give you peace of mind.

enjoy your summer,



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