When visiting Old San Juan Puerto Rico make sure that you add this historical church to your itinerary of things to see. Located at the intercession of Francisco Rufino street & Calle del Santo Cristo, this building is spectacular. It has been closed for 8 years due to renovations and now it is finally opened to the public. Go enjoy the amazing architecture inside and be transported back in time.

San José Church, is located in  the historic colonial section of the capital of Puerto Rico. “It is one of the first significant works of architecture on the island. The church is one of the earliest surviving examples of 16th-century Spanish Gothic architecture in the Western hemisphere. ” Wikipedia

The San José Church, also know as  Iglesia de Santo Tomás de Aquino, is one exceptional and oldest examples of Gothic-influenced religious architecture built by the Spanish in the New World. In the beginning of 1532, Dominican friars constructed the church within the walled city of San Juan.

I recommend you take a moment to go tour and see this church for its architectural beauty. Entrance is free, they do accept donations. It’s a quick self guided tour, walking around the church. It is interesting to see spots of the original wall agains the new, updated walls. The ceiling is spectacular as well and it is really cool to see the basement from afar. I recommend adding this quick tour when you are in Puerto Rico.

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