How to make a comfortable guest bedroom where your guests feel welcomed


The holidays are creeping up on us slowly; just yesterday I saw a Christmas tree on sale at Costco.  There were presents for the kiddos, gift wrapping and all sorts of holiday decor.  Before you know it, you will have house guests ringing the door bell looking for a place to stay. Is your house ready?   In light of the approaching season,  […]

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Easy summer outdoor entertaining inspirations

Easy summer outdoor entertaining inspirations


We have made entertaining part of our lifestyle. We love hosting, partying and just sitting down with friends and having a nice evening.  I don’t always host big hooplas, that throw my budget out the window ( although, I have done that, I am the wiser now). Hosting small, intimate gatherings have become one of […]

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Start the 30-day Organization Challenge


The kids are back in school, Starbucks is about to come out with their spice lattes and the merriest season is about to start! Here comes Halloween and then its all downhill from there…which reminds you, its time to get your house tidy, glamorous & ready for the upcoming season.  I know you have been meaning to organize your home all summer long, […]

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Home Coffee Bar

Our renovation adventure continues; this time we tackled the heart of our kitchen: The Home Coffee Bar.  As you get to know us you will soon learn the passion we have forCoffee.  Coffee is probably one of our essential food groups….. I wish I was […]

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Entrance table

Our Entrance Table

This entrance table has become one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house. I love that it is not new, it has character and a lot of storage. This little gem used to be a buffet table in its former days…after a little love, elbow […]

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