Saltillo Tiles are beautiful, durable and easy to clean floor tiles. They are also the perfect rustic flair to use in a variety is styles. I have seen them used in Ranch style homes, to Mexican style  & Spanish homes….but these floors are so versatile and stylish that they can be used in modern/minimalistic styles as well.  I personally love a high glam, white on black home color palette and I have found that these floors work perfect.

white bookshelves

I started by placing a large area rug on the Saltillo tile to designate the space for the living room. I chose something that was big enough to hold our furniture.  The larger area rug made the room look more prominent. If you want to read more about choosing the right rug for your space, check out this post Choosing the perfect area rug for your Space.    The color of this rug looks perfect against the Saltillo tile.

I added a couple of accent chairs and placed them against our stunning bookshelf. The legs of the accent chairs are half on the carpet and half on the Saltillo tile. This beautifully sets the space and makes the living room space look grander.

We went with an extra long, light, bright leather sofa. It’s long enough to fit up  5 adults, it encompasses the length of the space. I needed a sofa that was grand and that stood out against the white marble table that sit in the middle of the living room. If I am being completely honest, this Restoration Hardware marble table is the star of the entire living room. Marble looks amazing against the terracotta, rustic Saltillo tile floors. The play of rustic against flawless elegance is so beautiful.

R E L A T E D   P O S T S

saltillo tile grout
saltillo tile floors in tuxedo kitchen

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