Part No. 1 | Demo Day

We are in the middle of a huge kitchen refresh, my dreams of a beautiful tuxedo kitchen are coming true, one step at a time.  I have to admit, I didn’t really understand how much work goes into some of these renovation projects that we under take. My learning curve has been huge and sometimes I make mistakes that have cost me a lot of time. (like having to repaint my kitchen cabinets.) However, my mistakes are your blessings. So come check out how we have remodeled our builder’s grade kitchen, into a dreamy Tuxedo cabinets & Saltillo tile floors kitchen!

This weekend we began taking down a wall in the kitchen… I say we, but I didn’t do much. My amazing husband and friends did all of the demo work; I just took the pictures. Keep scrolling down and check out the demo.


Ya’ll I wanted to knock down this wall, since the second I walked into this house.  I felt like this wall obstructed the view to the back of the house and really divided the kitchen, entryway and living room areas…and…it’s finally coming down.

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They began removing all of the sheetrock from the wall. There is so much dust inside my house at the moment. A film of white dust is covering everything-like freshly fallen snow on the ground.

Tip: +Next time we do anything like this, I will really push for plastic sheets taped to the ceiling; to help contain some of the dust. The dust is in every surface of the kitchen and the living room. Taking out an extra 30 minutes & invest in the plastic sheets, will save you hours of cleaning and dusting once the demo is finished. Scroll to the end to see affiliate links with some pre-demo prep items that you MUST get. Before you get started. I highly recommend it.

Originally, I was going to square off this corner and place my microwave there, hidden. Those plants quickly changed.

Taking down the sheetrock alone was such a huge change, I could already tell that it was a good decision. That this was going to open up the space in my home.

They brought down the wall!!!

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