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After School Talks & how to catch up with the kids

Take time to listen to your kids by creating a safe atmosphere for them to open up about their day. Sometimes it takes a sweet treat or a savory snack to break the ice in a fun way. They wont know that you are creating a safe place for them to express themselves and unload from everything that their day entailed. check out these great ideas on After School Talks & how to catch up with the kids.

after school catch up


After School Talks & how to catch up with the kids tip number 1: make sure you make eye contact with them.   Depending on the child, it may take them a little bit for them to open up, but it’s always great to keep on trying in order to establish a routine. When you take out time to look your kids in the eye and to listen to them attentively ( nothing else distracting you) it makes them feel like they matter. It gives them a sense of worth and it validates them. Recently I was reading a post from All About Vision, on the importance of eye contact to a child’s brain development, you can find that article here.

I found other articles that spoke on the importance of eye contact : “According to researchers from the University of Cambridge and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, eye contact between a baby and adult causes both parties brain waves to fall into sync. How amazing is that?And it gets even better: The researchers also believe this mental sync may be the first step towards improved communication between parent and child in adulthood” – The powerful way eye contact helps you communicate with your baby.
I encourage you to do your own research on this topic, its very empowering and I believe it will be an amazing tool for you and your child.
after school catch up


After School Talks & how to catch up with the kids tip number 2: actually take time to listen attentively.    We have heard it so many times, listening is an art…and that is so true. When we listen to our kids ( without looking to our phones, listening while looking at any other screens, listening without interrupting) it shows them that what they are saying matters and thus they are empowered. Practice listening to your kids, start with just 5 minutes at a time and then try to build up on that. Remember that listening is about them; serve them a snack, ask a question and just listen. Be okay with awkward silence at first, soon that too will change.
after school catch up, snack and talk 5
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After School Talks & how to catch up with the kids tip number 3: just be present.   Finally, just be! Just show up! Just make time ( start with 5 minutes) but just be!  Kids just enjoy you. They just want to spend time with you. It’s not about doing anything fancy, it not about providing an epic snack, it’s not about having a life changing conversation, it’s about being with you. So if you remember anything else from this blog post, remember this, just be.  Grab the easiest snack, anywhere you are after school ( and this can happen on the car ride home) and just be!
after school catch up, snack and talk


Okay your turn. What is your favorite after-school snack? leave it in the comments!

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