Ya’ll, I have to start out by saying that I really do love this dog. I do! He has a pretty cool personality, he loves the kids & he is a very social/friendly dog. His name is Bust-a-lime…but we call him Buster. (Any guesses as to where the kids got the name from? name that movie! go!)

He is a 10 month old, Australian Shepherd fur ball, who is full of energy & trouble. Lots of trouble; but I love him, I do, because he is cute. lol!! Just kidding, I love him for more than just his cuteness. Anyways, I have my hands full with this one.

When he isn’t busy chewing shoes, destroying brand new bathing suits and digging through our trash cans, Buster spends his time in our back yard digging holes, chasing squirrels and getting into other people’s yards. He is lots of trouble, but I love him.

Exhibit A

My love and affection for my fur baby must run deep, deeper that the holes he digs in my, once beautiful, backyard.  Like this huge hole in the picture above, that was Buster’s latest adventure. Because he such a loving and social dog, he decided that he needed a friend to hang out with. A doggie friend. Somehow, he convinced my neighbor’s dog to help him dig this huge hole, so they could have a doggy play date. From what I hear Buster and his new friend had a blast, all day long they play and hung out…but as soon as he heard that one of us got home, he hurried back over to our yard…

…I know, I know he looks like a saint…. lol! But this dog is too smart for his own good. I don’t think he realized that, 1-we would see the hole and 2- that our next door neighbor would rat him out!

So, I am welcoming prayers! Pray that I can survive, the first two years of his life, because apparently after that he should chill out!

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