Spring is around the corner. Its time to start planning your Easter party. Looking for a little inspiration?  Want some Easter party planning tips? We are here to help!

Let’s make this a stress free, no fuss, but glamorous Easter party.

Choosing a Color Palette

Wondering where I start, when I plan a party? …I pick a color, or two!  I usually pick colors inspired by the season we are in, spring is almost here and I saw a lot of colorful flowers. Lot of tulips, peonies…and these mini roses in bright & bold colors (I had to go for the bright mini roses for this party)!

look around

After picking out the colors, I like to “shop” around my house for my parties. I look for frames, vases, plates, platters, trays & furniture, that I already own and I use them as decoration.   For this Easter party table, I used our white bookshelves as a background and my desk as a table. Look around, determine where you will place your party table and plan your backdrop. There are so many creative options…wrapping paper, hanging curtains, envelopes…

(check out my backdrop board on Pinterest for  more inspiration).

Shopping on a budget

After you have your colors picked out & you have shopped around your house; its time to go shopping. Listen, I love parties and I love shopping for parties; but if you are like me, I have a budget to stick to. My main philosophizes in party planning is that it has to be glamorous & it has to be on budget! Determine your budget first.  What helps me stay on budget? I have a couple of dollar “spots” and stores that I like to check out first. I grab cute $1 items and I glam them up!

Alright, come along with me and see how you can re-create this Easter table:

I started by making this beautiful “L” shaped flower arrangement and placed it on my new  bookshelf unit.

The cake

Then I tackled the cake….I love baking cakes. I also love the simplicity behind “donut” cakes. On a beautiful, white cake stand, I stacked donuts.  Then, I added a couple of flowers. That’s it! The result is a beautiful donut cake. You have to give this a try, its so easy & it looks so pretty! (please load your donut cake pictures on the comments below, I want to see how creative you are & be inspired by you)!

Oreo PEEPS Marshmallow Creme Sandwich Cookies.

If you haven’t seen them yet, Oreo cookies have been hit by the Spring fairy (if there is such a thing! I do believe!!) A vanilla Oreo cookie, filled with bright pink creme filling.  I wanted to add more sweet & cute treats to my table, without having to bake; so, these Oreo sandwich cookies, decorated with sprinkles, were perfection….and so easy to make.




I used hot pink treats boxes and filled with them with egg shaped candies…

you can find these at your local craft store. If you cannot find them, please contact me and I will put some up on my Etsy shop. 

Peeps are a staple during Easter! I feel like they are a must! We had some creative uses for these cute, marshmallowy bunnies. Edible decoration, what can be better?

I added peeps to the kids straws! Lemonade tastes better with PEEPS, am I right??   I love using mason jars, filling them up to match the table decor. In this case I used pink lemonade.

The cupcakes

I grabbed some delicious cupcakes from Target’s bakery and I decorated them with these AMAZING cupcake toppers…(freebie alert). You can download these free cupcake toppers to use for your party.

free cupcake topper download, click here.

I bought these beautiful Easter baskets for the kids (that I was able to use as decoration for the table as well)…they will be filled with goodies on Easter morning…they are so cute!!! I love the embroidered letter on them. They have a Pottery Barn kids look to them but for half the price! ADORABLE. I found them at Target.

 If you are looking for some cute Easter baskets, I was able to find a great selection at Target.


S H O P   T H I S   P O S T



Hello friend! I am Melissa…a Caribbean girl now living in Austin,Texas.  A beach lover living in the middle of hill country; I write about what inspires me to balance a life as a mother, wife, DIYer, traveler, hostess and homemaker.