To the broken, to the discouraged, to the ones that feel like they are on a difficult journey all on their own.  Today I want to take a moment to encourage you, to acknowledge your pain, your loneliness, the hardships that have been keeping you down - I know that they are real, I know that these hardships have been like a huge storm in your life trying to keep you down - but I am here to remind you that there is someone who is in the midst of it with you. Like Steven Furtick said " there is a 4th man in the fire with you" and even though you go thru it you will come out victoriously - you wont even smell like fire.

Please take some time to follow my suggestions in this post: I have linked up two songs and ended with a message by Steven Furtick, I feel like this is going to encourage so many of you moms out there struggling with balancing all that life has thrown at us during this season...Even when you don't see Him, even when you don't feel Him, He is at work in you.

The First song that I want you to listen to is Never Lost. This is for today, for what you are facing today, what has been happening all week and maybe even this month or all this year. Though it may feel like we are loosing so many battles HE is here to remind us that there is nothing impossible for Him, that HE is still at work and that He wants you to be encouraged and to wait on Him because He will come thru again for you! Go listen.

Never Lost feat. Tauren Wells | Live | Elevation Worship

Second Song I want you listen to this morning is the one below...and by listen I mean go to a place ( like a car) where you can pump up the volume, where you can allow every other noise in your head drown out, to a volume level that cancels out every other noise, every other voice and thought in your head. I want you to listen, like really listen to the words, I want you to worship. I want to encourage you to put phones down, and pause for a moment and listen to the song from start to finish. uninterrupted- there is a promise there for you, and peace and encouragement. Take this time to worship your maker- no matter how difficult your situation is.

Way Maker | Elevation Church Worship Team | Ft Isaiah Templeton and Pastor Steven Furtick

Finally, listen to these messages:

It Had To Happen | Pastor Steven Furtick

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