If you are looking to make a creative colorful corner for yourself, then look no further. Here are some ideas on how you can bring that place to your own space. Learn how to make a Creative Colorful Work Space in your Garage.

I love color! Not that you can gather that from seeing my wardrobe, or my house… I tend to be kinda muted when it comes to both of those…but, as a creative, I am rather fascinated by color, honest! Although my color choice is white, for most of my home decor, many of my accent pieces are bright, bold and beautiful!

I had these beautiful, somewhat vintage, color pencils stored in a plastic bin, waiting to be used in one of my dreamed up projects… but they were too beautiful to keep hidden. So I gave them a new home, front and center on my Creative Work-Space! They have doubled as decor, bringing my little creative zone a beautiful pop of color!

1.  make Space

Find a corner in your garage that you can claim as your own. Use a cabinet or a table to store items on. In my case I used an old craft cabinet my dad had made for me. I painted it white and I added peg board to it.

2.  make it Colorful

This is your space so make it fun and colorful. Make it a space that inspired you to create beautiful things. Pick and choose colorful items that spark magic in your imagination.

3.  make it yours

Now it’s time to personalize it. Add personal items. Think of functionality, add things that will simplify your life. Items that will help with storage.

How to make a Creative Colorful Work Space in your Garage

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