Ultimate Guide to Revising The Kitchen Junk drawer.

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Ultimate Guide to Revising The Kitchen Junk drawer.

Organizing my home has been a long standing goal of mine…this year I have decided to tackle my home, one small organizational project at a time.  I wanted to share my journey with you, all while creating a guide, to help you organize your home too.  Products will be linked, organization tips will be given and we will host a weekly refresh. Each week we will share a download so that you can own an Ultimate Guide to a Revised Interior.

Here is the first revision. Read the post below ( and download this page) and learn how to organize your  Kitchen, starting by organizing the junk drawer. 

For the longest time I believed my my home couldn’t get organized or even it didn’t deserve to be organized -simply because it was not the beautiful home that I desired or wanted. It wasn’t big enough, updated enough, if wasn’t covered from top to bottom with pretty furniture, it didn’t look like one of those gorgeous organized homes I saw on Pinterest. What is worst was that once I spent some time organizing it, it never looked as gorgeous as those “after” images plastered all over social media.  I have kids, a busy life and a business that I was trying to build.

But my life changed when I decided to enjoy and bloom where I was planted at the moment. Listen, life isn’t about living in the perfect moment – life is about the journey towards that better you, or that better home or better job…the journey is where the most magical moments happen. Just as my life changed when I changed my mental blockage, yours can too. Instead of living in a space that drains you, you can start living in a space filled with peace.