Motherhood has been my greatest adventure

You know how they say, the apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree…well let me tell you, that phrase it couldn’t be truer!! Ever since she was able, Bella has been all about planning the details for my birthday and for Mother’s day.  The weeks before before mother’s day, I can hear her trying to whisper to Clyde…” do we have all the decorations daddy”. She is the cutest…and yes, you guest it, she is all about planning parties….I wonder where she learned that from.  Everything must be celebrated, with lots of details and special surprises…it the only way!

This year, when Bella had the party planning talk with daddy, I asked my friend MARelly, to capture it for me. I forever want to treasure these special moments in my kid’s lives and the little quirks and the things that they did and say. I want to hold on to these memories and look back at them throughout the years.

As a childhood photographer, Marelly – from Happy Thoughts Studios – is amazing at capturing the little facial expressions, the raw emotions of the kids in their own natural & playful ways. It’s a playdate with MARelly, the kids don’t even realize that she is capturing unforgettable moments. We all had such a great time… so come on and check out our magical day…

Clyde went along with the adventure and bought the kids what they asked for…decor, treats, flowers and other goodies.  The rest what on them. Bella created such a cute moment for us, full of goodies and lots of fun! I knew about the balloons, they couldn’t hide those from me, they were huge and we were stuffed in a car full of balloons.

When we got to our location, Bella went to work. I wasn’t allowed to look at any of the beautiful details that she had planned…

Lots of color… I was shocked at how bright these were… ( all on the inside) I loved that she pick it all out and styled it!

Tyler helped too, but he had to follow Bella’s lead

I was told to close my eyes and was led to their surprise for me.

Can you believe how beautifully styled this was. I was blown away. I loved every second. Their faces, the smiles, the hugs, Tyler trying to tackle me to the ground and grabbing my hair and trying to spike it up…to the kisses and the snuggles.

Hi friend! I am Melissa.

I wrote a Book!!