Spooky Glam Decor for the home

I am all about Spooky Glam decor. Simple & cute DIY decor that decorates my home in a really glamorous way.  This year I decorated the front door with glittery spiders and the front yard with black flamingos. The black flamingos were a lot of fun to make. Come check out this fun DIY and how I was able to glue the spiders unto […]

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motherhood the greatest adventure

Motherhood has been my greatest adventure

You know how they say, the apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree…well let me tell you, that phrase it couldn’t be truer!! Ever since she was able, Bella has been all about planning the details for my birthday and for Mother’s day.  The weeks before before mother’s day, I can hear her trying to whisper to […]

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Back to School Dinners

SO we are Back to School  -its time to balance homework, after-school activities, snack time, making dinner all while not neglecting self care time.  I have created a list of yummy dinner ideas and inspirations from other fellow bloggers, that will help you survive the first two weeks of back to school. Many are one pot dinners, but they are all delicious. I hope […]

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