I have always love the idea of easy and stress free entertaining. I must admit that sometimes it isn’t as stress free or as easy as I had planned, but I am here to give you some tips & tricks that I have learned from hosting my own parties. I have made the mistakes so that you don’t have to! Today I wanted to share my amazing Pie Bar Cart, a great way to display all of our Thanksgiving desserts ( which were all pies this year) & save on counter space. Check it out…

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is that time of the year to gather and celebrate with friends and families. If your family/friends are anything like mine, they always like to bring a side dish, a dessert or a bottle of something to drink! If you lack the room to place all of those amazing dishes, a bar cart is your solution. A cute layers way to have all dishes out, for everyone to see and access.  What’s even better is that you have room to place your dessert plates, silverware and napkins! I loved the idea! Not only was it cute to look at, it was also very functional! What a great way to add glam to your Thanksgiving get together!


  1. pick a color palette. I chose green and woodsy tones.
  2. I shopped for my decor ( around my home and on Amazon – I linked up everything above)
  3. I bought fresh greenery.
  4. Once I had all of my goodies. I placed the desserts. Styling tip: do not place all the pies on a same level. Trick the eye with cake stands and layer them. It just makes is prettier to look it.
  5. Add height to your bar cart, by adding a flower vase and an arrangement. Since it’s a Thanksgiving party, a bouquet of Wheat stalks was perfect. The colors went perfectly with my color palette.
  6.  I also used a tray to add height on the 2nd tier of the car cart. I placed my dessert plates on it, along with a pie serving fork.
  7. I ended by adding drinks at the bottom. I placed dessert wines, wine cups & a drink option for those who don’t drink wine!
  8. Last but not least I added fresh greenery here and there, to make the bar cart look alive! I love how it turned out!

Now its your turn to rock your own bar cart look.


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There are so many cool ways to use your bar cart. Here are other ways that I have used a bar cart for a party or for decor: