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Saltillo tiles are amazing because they are so easy to clean and care for. Their durability and beauty bring so much character to any space.  I wanted to share with you the  ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CLEANING GROUT ON SALTILLO TILE FLOORS. You will fall in love with the floors, but you will absolutely adore how easy they are to clean and maintain. No matter the grout color you have chosen for your Terracotta tile I am sure this guide will help you in cleaning the grout on your Saltillo tile floors.


spray the floors with grout cleaner

Spraying the grout on the Saltillo tiles with a grout cleaner is the best way to get them clean. I have found an amazing product that has worked so well for cleaning the grout on my Saltillo Tiles.  The Crown’s Choice Natural Floor & Grout Cleaner For all Tiles has worked very well for me. Simply spray the solution onto your tile grout, wait for 1 minute and scrub.

Cleaning Grout on Saltillo Tile



scrub with grout brush.


After you have sprayed the grout on your tiles, it’s time to scrub. Using The Crown’s Choice Grout Brush with Stiff Bristles simply brush the grout that you have applied cleaner to. You will see a white bubbly substance forming, which will soon turn murky as the dirt lifts from the grout. 

cleaning grout on saltillo tile


wipe clean with wet rag


Now that you have scrubbed your grout it’s time to wipe them clean. Using a wet rag ( water only), wipe the floors clean. I rinse and repeat as needed, only using water on the rag. This will remove most of the product solution from your floors, however I recommend you mop/steam mop or my favorite use a  Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner to clean the tiles and the grout. 

Cleaning Grout on Saltillo Tile


clean tiles with mop


Using a  Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner to clean the tiles and the grout is my favorite way to finish cleaning my floors.  It takes little effort to use, it does all the scrubbing for you. It also keep water in a spray bottle that you can spray by pressing a button. No more luging around a bucket of water, simply spray and scrub.

Cleaning Grout on Saltillo Tile


use a magic eraser on those difficult stains


Finally, I have to recommend that you use a magic eraser on any spot that is hard to remove. It removes dirt on tile and dirt on the grout too. Its definitely something that you need to keep on hand to help you maintain clean floors.

Cleaning Grout on Saltillo Tile



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