We love hosting and entertaining at home; we love all of the details and all the planning that it takes to pull of an event. That is why we really wanted to build out a Home Bar where the could serve drinks and mix cocktails; perhaps serve desserts, display appetizers.  A Butler’s pantry of sorts, where we can store all of our hosting essentials. So today I am sharing with you how we did this DIY project ourselves so that you too can create THE GLAM & MODERN HOME BAR DIY in your own space.

1. Measure your Space.

Take a moment to declutter your space, this will help you to see your space and see the area that you are working with. The first step that we did was to measure the space. Our space measured 88′ x 95′. We didn’t want the bar to go into the bay window area, because we are looking to expand/change that area in the near  future.  So the space that I am working on is 62′ x 25′ x 34.5′.

2. Buy or Build your Base Cabinet.

The next step we took was to buy our base cabinet. We went with one unit that met all of the storage needs that we were looking for. Drawers and drawers and clean lines. After measuring your space choose the base cabinets of your choice. I have linked the ones that I have used: Hampton Unfinished Beech Recessed Panel

3. Build or Buy Shelves.

The floating shelves are our DIY project of the year, that is for sure.  I wanted natural, beautiful floating shelves, but I didn’t want to break the budget with this project. The length of the shelves that I wanted (60 in. long) made for higher cost per shelf. So we knew we needed to get crafty with this one. Check out this awesome HOW TO MAKE FLOATING SHELVES   post for all the details on how to make floating shelves like ours. But in the meantime, let me give you a little peek at what we did.

4.  shelf rail/hardware.

Finally, the glam. I added glam in the details. By bringing in this polished brass shelf rail I was able to add a touch of glam to the natural wood shelves. I was also able to also bring in some glam in the hardware too. I played by mixing in some finished and I am totally loving what I picked out.  Here is what I purchased:  I purchased the following of each shelf: 1 Gallery Rail Center Post,  2 Gallery Rail End Posts   and  Gallery Rail – 6mm x 36″L – Solid Polished Brass   ( click the links for affiliate links).

We hope you loved this project and that you will want to add a home bar to your home.

S H O P   P O S T S

We hope these tips help you achieve pockets of peace and glam in your space. Please comment below and let us know which of these tips helped you the most.

R E L A T E D   P O S T S

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