We are constantly bombarded with things, people, and news feeds that are making feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed.  There is plenty of that out there, you need more peaceful, stress free pockets of peace in your life and a touch of glam doesn’t hurt either. I am a firm believer that we can all have pockets of peace and glam in our daily lives, we just have to refocus, be purposeful about creating them and then slow down to enjoy them. I love inspiring busy/overwhelmed women focus on daily POCKETS of PEACE & GLAM, one quick life hack at a time; but this applies to anyone looking to fill their life with peace & glam.  Pockets of peace & glam, are tiny moments of calm and tranquility in the midst of a busy, stressful and fast paced life.  Just like pausing to take a deep breath, is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body, pockets of peace & glam is one of the best ways to lower stress via the events and details in your life. So check out this Ultimate Guide to Creating Pockets of Peace and Glam in your Kitchen.

1. Declutter your countertops.

Taking a moment to declutter is one of the best ways of creating Pocket of Peace & Glam in your Kitchen. Multiple studies show that decluttering your living space is a great way of reducing stress. The results are a relaxed state of mind ( we call it a pocket of peace).  When things are out of order, it makes us feel scatter and anxious; that is because humans prefer order and symmetry. First way of creating pockets of peace & glam in your kitchen is removing as many items as possible from your countertops. Do not display electronics ( like toaster ovens, blenders…) find a place to put them away in your cabinets. Find a basket and put away things like vitamins, prescription meds, etc. and place the basket in a drawer or cabinet. This also means removing essential oil display racks, dish drying racks, food boxes/snacks, and items like mail/letters/papers, paper towels. The goal is to create more countertops space in your kitchen.

“Better focus. Evidence suggests that when multiple visual stimuli are competing for your attention, you have a harder time narrowing your focus to only one of them” –NBCSnews.com

2. Paint Color

The second way of creating Pockets of Peace and Glam in your Kitchen is by picking the right paint color. Did you know that color produced by light is a kind of energy? This energy is received by the brain and interpreted to affect you both physically and physiologically. So cool isn’t it? So the paint color we choose affects how we feel in our kitchen space.  When looking into changing our terracotta, Saltillo tile floors, I learned that:  “terracotta (color) – while all part of the range of colors classified as orange – have broad appeal.” –Sensationalcolor  

Our rustic, Mexican tiles are very appealing and they warm up our space. It has become such a beautiful color contrast and balance between our black and white kitchen. It all works great and our kitchen is very bright and inviting, I love spending time there- and good thing too because it sits front and center in our home. So,  select wall paint and cabinet colors that evoke joy and countertops materials that style that help you feel good.

3. Zen & Purposeful Decor

Finally, it is time to add things to your kitchen. Remembering the rules: that less is more, we need blank space to allow our eyes to rest & that color choices matter; its time to bring in your favorite items. Think of one to two decor items that bring you peace, bring functionality to the space or that is beautiful to look at.   I will give you a great example, using what I have in my kitchen. I brought in a dark gray vase and added some blooms- the color is a welcome contrast in my kitchen space.  Another thing that I brought in was a sewing machine drawer ( that right and old school Singer Sewing machine drawer), my grandmother used to sew a lot, its probably one of my most vivid memories of her. So when I found this Singer sewing machine wood drawer I knew that I needed it in my kitchen. I use it to hold all of my cutting boards. It serves two functions: it organizes my space and it brings me peace & joyful memories.

Last but not least is out marble fruit bowl. White marble bowls that I found in William Sonoma, they are gorgeous and very functional. There’s not a lot of other things in my countertops. I do have our espresso machine..but that one will soon have a place of its own.

We hope these tips help you achieve pockets of peace and glam in your space. Please comment below and let us know which of these tips helped you the most.

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