Cleaning, caring for and maintaining Saltillo tiles and grout is easier than you think.  Actually. that is one of the reasons why these tiles floors are such a popular option. Besides their unique beauty, Saltillo tile floors are durable, hide daily wear and tear very well and don’t show dog hair, lint, and other daily dust/floor dirt like other floors do. I have two dogs and two very active kiddos and I don’t live cleaning my floor every day. These floors have seen it all, from surviving a major leak issue in our kitchen to drastic shift in weather during our latest historic snow storm.  Check out how I care and maintain my floors.

Saltillo Tile

Mexican Tile that is tile made from clay from the Mexican city of Saltillo, Coahuila.  This hand crafted, imperfect tiles has a lot of character as no two tiles are the same. Its rustic flare coupled with its durability makes this a great tile flooring option. I stumbled upon these floors, when I bought my first home in Texas.  I have to admit I was not a fan of them at first, the orange tones throughout really threw my design and style into a loop. But now I love them… they are easy to care for and to clean, not to mention durable.

How to Clean Saltillo Tile Flooring (Updated Visual Guide)Rustico tile leander tx

Mexican Saltillo Tile Clean and Care & Grout Cleaning

Check out my step by step Saltillo tile care and maintenance post. It is very information, step by step tutorials on how I clean/maintain my floors and I have even included links to the products and the tools that I use on my floors.

Check out How to keep your Saltillo tiles clean and shiny.

and for Grout Care:

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Grout on Saltillo Tile Floors.

Cleaning Grout on Saltillo Tile
cleaning grout on saltillo tile

Style + Home Decor

These beautiful floors come in a variety of color options now. I have seen them in black and even white…so if you are looking to update your home and you are looking for lighter or darker floors, Saltillo can still be a good floor option for you. Like I have said before, my home already came with these and so I styled my home around them. Using lots of lighter tones in my decor, the floors have become a focal point.  You don’t have to be married to rustic decor or  Spanish home interiors – you can make just about any decor style work.


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