Saltillo Tile and Grout Care

Cleaning, caring for and maintaining Saltillo tiles and grout is easier than you think.  Actually. that is one of the reasons why these tiles floors are such a popular option. Besides their unique beauty, Saltillo tile floors are durable, hide daily wear and tear very well and don’t show dog hair, lint, and other daily dust/floor dirt like other floors do. I have two dogs […]

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The Guest Bathroom Remodel: renovating a small bathroom


I am finally sharing our The Guest bathroom Remodel: renovating a small bathroom post. I have been sharing a little bit of it on our instagram page, but here is the reveal. Get inspired to remodel your bathroom. All the details that make this sweet bathroom the perfect place for our […]

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How to install cement pavers for a beautiful entryway

If you are anything like me and you love a dramatic and beautiful entryway leading up to a mind blowing double wide doorway. You’ve seen them on Pinterest, they are spectacular.  That’s what I have always dreamed of for this house and what I have been slowly working towards.  We have been updating our house little by little, first we worked […]

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