finding myself again

I am on a workout & weight-loss journey. I guess you can say its more than a workout journey; more like a journey to find myself again.  I have lost sight of who I am, my passions & the things that drove me to take good care of myself. Because that is what has been happening, every . single. time . I took a bite out of a donut or a cupcake or a chip….I lost sight of me.

This is me now. I am 25 pounds heavier than I was 4 years ago. I don’t know who that person is; I look at her and I am trying to figure out where “me” is.  Not that I am defined by the pounds I carry, not that I am defined by the way that I look…but my body is the representation of what I am feeling inside.  I have lost sight of me, I have been side tracked, I have been paying more attention to my loved ones, to our home, to our family to everything that comes with daily mom life and I have lost the time and the effort and the love that I must have for myself.

Change comes from within, not from without

And so the journey began.  I stood at a standstill;  looking at a road before me…it was time to make a decision. If change was to come, I needed to mentally accept and own the change …and then my body would follow.

I have chosen me

I am learning that choosing me is not loving my kids any less, its not loving my husband or my family any less, its loving them so much, that I want to take care of myself and work on becoming the best version of myself. Its a weight loss journey, its a mental rejuvenation journey, its a medical journey; it’s my journey. I have purposely taken out time for me.  I have scheduled workouts, I have invested in better nutrition, I have stopped hurting my body by feeding it junk, I am refocused on a personal & spiritual walk with Jesus Christ, I am fully invested in me.   And you know what?…I don’t feel guilty about it.

Are you investing time on yourself?

How about you? Can you relate to anything that I have mentioned above? Have you lost sight of the woman you are because mom guilt has erroneously driven you there? Are you constantly placing everyone else ahead of you? Have you lost sight of your passions, interests, hobbies?  Have you lost interest in yourself? There is still time, you can make changes today that will affect your tomorrow. But we need to make those changes now.  We need to become our own ambassadors our own lawyers, we need to abdicate for ourselves and we need to do it now.  Now. Right now! Not when there is time; but right now.

So, I wanted to share with you five things that you can do:



Make a commitment to yourself and know  you that you are worth keeping that commitment.

There is something about writing down our goals, seeing them on the screen in front of us ( or on a piece of paper ) – that is so cathartic. I am no expert, but there must be a mental connection, something that motivates us to achieve a goal once we have sat down to plan them. So make that commitment to yourself, write it down, mark your starting date and start!

what do you want to achieve?


You sat down and wrote down your big goals, now its time for you to think about and plan out how you are going to achieve them. When I began my workout routine, I established one small goal at a time.  I began by walking 2 miles everyday. Small steps, that’s how I began my 10 lbs weight-loss journey.

what are you going to do? what is your first attainable goal? by when do you want to achieve your goal? (time frame)


Keeping yourself accountable will help you stay on track. Bringing others into your goal and allowing them to keep you accountable will help you succeed.  When I first started working out (and still from time to time ) I would not complete a workout unless I had other’s working out with me. I didn’t want to let them down, I didn’t want them to do more reps than me, if they were not giving up, neither was I.  This was especially true of cardio ( I hate cardio) and so if I did cardio with others, I would finish my workout, if I did cardio alone – I always found an excuse to stop mid-workout. Accountability works!

Find your tribe and share your plan/goals


Stick to the plan ( 66 days until it becomes a habit). It is not going to be easy, you are gonna wanna quit many times, actually many times you will not want to start a workout at all. But stick with it. Do a 30 minute workout 4-5 a week! make it a habit. You know the phrase, if it was easy everyone would be doing it…well that applies here too, if it was easy we would all look like fitness models.  So just know from the start, it will challenge you, you will need to plan and you will need to do it even when you don’t want to!


There is no valid excuse. period. This one is a hard one, especially for moms. We have so many good reasons, we do,  but we have to stop empowering our excuses and start empowering ourselves.


To help you out, I am working on an freebie..

A calendar with links, that will help you plan, stay on track and keep your self accountable to daily work outs! Awesome right!!!



Hello friend! I am Melissa…a Caribbean girl now living in Austin,Texas.  A beach lover living in the middle of hill country; I write about what inspires me to balance a life as a mother, wife, DIYer, traveler, hostess and homemaker.



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