I have felt for the longest time, that I should be writing a blog for women, from a woman, for mother’s from a mother. My heart, my soul is just so passionate about connecting with other woman who are struggling and living daily challenges that we can all relate to. But I wanted to share more in depth, I wanted to even write freely about my faith and how that affects the daily goings of my life.

After watching Brene Brown on Netflix, I was finally able to put into words what my heart was feeling. I wanted to be vulnerable with other women, other mothers.  I think starting off on a place of vulnerability enables a deep connection to those around us. I want that, I seek that! I crave that!

BUT it is so scary to be so open, its hard to put myself out there, because I know it also opens up the possibility of criticism, judgement, the expectancy that I am perfect, or that I will be perfect or that I have always been perfect….on the contrary. I have made so many mistakes in my life, bad decisions, had horrible attitudes and dare I say many times not behaved as Christ Jesus has called me to live ( and that is the basis of my faith). To risk being hung on the line for what I write is daring…and yet Sunday after Sunday I have felt called, I am compelled to share my story because thru it many men and women will find healing.

I am sharing Jesus, but I am not calling you to change your life and follow what I believe. I will never pressure anyone into making any decision. I am not here to judge you for what you believe and in whom you believe, but I feel like I have to share the miracles and the powerful ways my life has been changed/affected/transformed. So as you read my small “give me Jesus” posts – please keep that in mind. This comes from a place of love, not of judgement, of wanting to restore humanity and create a space of unity EVEN if we disagree.


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