The kids are back in school, Starbucks is about to come out with their spice lattes and the merriest season is about to start! Here comes Halloween and then its all downhill from there…which reminds you, its time to get your house tidy, glamorous & ready for the upcoming season.  I know you have been meaning to organize your home all summer long, BUT as they say, organizing/cleaning a home with kids, is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. Impossible!

…if  you are looking for inspirations on how to get all the organizing juices flowing….look no further …we’ve got you covered!  Start the 30-day Organization Challenge!! Its an easy way to tidy up your home; by simply getting rid of extra clutter and by assigning every item a zone. You will be on your way to feeling amazingly organized in no time!  In addition, I have decided to make the deal a little sweeter by giving ya’ll a freebie!!  (sign up to get your FREE organizational check list, delivered straight to your email.