The kids are back in school, Starbucks is about to come out with their spice lattes and the merriest season is about to start! Here comes Halloween and then its all downhill from there…which reminds you, its time to get your house tidy, glamorous & ready for the upcoming season.  I know you have been meaning to organize your home all summer long, BUT as they say, organizing/cleaning a home with kids, is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. Impossible!

…if  you are looking for inspirations on how to get all the organizing juices flowing….look no further …we’ve got you covered!  Start the 30-day Organization Challenge!! Its an easy way to tidy up your home; by simply getting rid of extra clutter and by assigning every item a zone. You will be on your way to feeling amazingly organized in no time!  In addition, I have decided to make the deal a little sweeter by giving ya’ll a freebie!!  (sign up to get your FREE organizational check list, delivered straight to your email.  It will help you tackle each day of the challenge).


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    The Game Plan

    While I am not a minimalist, I do love a house that is tidy, organized and purposeful. I love white spaces and light/bright rooms; so having a lot of stuff on display stresses me out. I love my house to have a “magazine feel” and while not everything I own is magazine cover worthy, I want my house to look edited and styled.

    One step towards reaching my organizational goals is making sure that everything has a zone, this means  going thru every item I own and making the decision to keep or toss (donate). Then I make or create its zone, the place where that item will live for the rest of our time together. My end goal is to limit the number of items I display in each area of my home. Ready to join the challenge? The Schedule below will help you break down your daily tasks, one day at a time. Let’s get started!


    Day 1: Closet

    Day 2: Night Table

    Day 3: Dresser

    Day 4: Jewelry

    Day 5: Under the Bed


    Day 6: Cosmetics & Hair products/accessories

    Day 7: Medicine cabinet

    Day 8: Shower/Bathtub


    Day 10: Cabinets

    Day 11: Fridge

    Day 12: Food Pantry

    Day 13: Counter Tops

    Living Room

    Day 14: TV Console

    Day 15: Coffee Table & Side Tables

    Day 16: Blankets & Pillows

    Day 17: Shelves


    Day 18: Desk Surface

    Day 19: Drawer

    Day 20: Storage Cabinet

    Day 21:  Display Shelves


    Day 22: Table

    Coats Closet

    Day 23: Closet


    Day 24: Floor Area

    Day 25: Shelves

    Kids Rooms

    Day 26:Closet

    Day 27: Dresser

    Day 28: Under the Bed

    Day 29: Toy Storage


    Day 30: Junk Drawer

    Congratulations! You are DONE!!!

    You have completed your challenge. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back you have earned it!!!!  You have completed your challenge! I would love to know how this challenge has impacted your life? Please let me know in the comments below! Have pictures to share? I would love to see them!!! Any other comments on how change this challenge has helped you? Any tips on how to tweak this challenge to help you even more? Please comment below, we are always looking for ways to improve our challenges and have our homes organized!!!


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