STORY BY  //  Melissa



Space and Order is freedom from disturbance; it’s tranquility.  Organizing your pantry is investing in creating more space for peace and joy in your home; and freeing yourself from the clutter that muddles your brain.

Plus, when you place your spices in order, you are able to find them faster – which saves you time.

This ULTIMATE GUIDE ON ORGANIZING SPICES was created with the purpose of teaching you how to create both Function and Beauty in your pantry.  Function creates order and as I mentioned before, when things are tidy we know exactly where to find what we are looking for.    Beauty. When the eye sees something beautiful,  happy sparks light up our brain and positive associations created. Your brain likes that happy spark so much that it wants to go back for more.    So let’s get started!! Let’s create a beautiful and functional pantry starting with your spices.


Much of pantry organization is about observation. What do I mean by that? Pay attention to what you are truly consuming and what is going to waste. Which are the most used Spices in your kitchen? Which spices have expired or are unused? The first step to organizing your spices is to determine which spices you need. Once you have determined which spices you need- set those aside. Discard the spices that haven’t been used- you are breaking up with them. They no longer get your time or attention. On the other hand, the spices that you do use deserve your time; they deserve a second date sorta speak.


Now its time to designated space for your spices.  I have a wonderful spice rack hanging from my pantry door. I love that I can see all my spices and that they reside in a space that is functional for me.  You might be working with space in:  a cabinet, a shelf inside of your walk-in pantry or a pull-out spice drawer. There are many different spaces, determined by the size of your kitchen and your preference.  The important thing is to create a functional space for your spices.  Check out some of my favorite spice organizers.  Find the one you love, click on the link and invest in it so that you can be on your way to a functional and beautiful pantry.


Pantry Door Organizers.

If you are looking for a spice rack that does not take up any of your pantry shelf space, hang a spice rack from your pantry door. I have included perfect options below.  These are affiliate links – which mean I make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. For more on our disclosure policy click here.

  1. – is a sturdy, durable and  non-tarnish wire shelves rack that you mount to your Door.
  1.   – has a custom built feel to it. 
  2. Acrylic Spice Rack Wall Mount for Pantry Door  -this one is a great way to show off those gorgeous jars and labels. minimalist.

  3. Spice Rack Organizer Shelves – individual metal shelves that can be mounted on pantry door. 

Spice Drawer Organizer

The spice racks fit right into your drawer. If your spices are in a drawer, organize them with these drawer racks. They will make your drawer look beautiful and will help you find your spices quickly.

  1. Spice Drawer Organizer, 4 Tiers 2 Set Clear Acrylic 
  2. Bamboo Spice rack In-Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Spice 18 Bottle Holder
  3. Expandable Plastic Deluxe Spice Rack, Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Cabinet Drawers 
  4. Classics Bamboo Eco-Conscious 3-Tier Spice & Seasoning Rack Drawer Organizer


Now it’s time to put those organizers to work for you. Let’s go after all those organization dreams and make them a reality.  The first thing that you are going to do is to fill your spice jars with your spices. I love using these Glass Spice jars with airtight bamboo lids  and I love that they include the amazing minimalist style Labels.

  1. Simply select a glass spice jar.
  2. Place a minimalist style label on your glass jar.
  3. Using stainless steal metal funnel, fill each spice jar with your desired spice.
  4. Place airtight bamboo lid on glass jar.