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Glammed Events is turning 2!

Y’all it’s our second blogiversary and I am so thrilled about this adventure called Glammed Events. What began as a party styling blog has evolved into this amazing hub for mothers, women & families to get inspiration on how to bring some glam to everyday motherhood. Our motto is all about “from messy motherhood to a glammed you!”.  I love being able to share mom inspirations, creative DIY ideas, cute entertaining and hosting tips with all you beautiful mommas! Thank you for all your support! It’s been so much fun, and we are looking forward to growing and becoming a bigger community for all moms! Now come check out how we celebrated!


I have partnered up with Kellogg’s to promote The Eggo Waffle Bar Truck that will be moving around the country! Head over to the to find a truck near you – and also featured these other brands: LALA, Country Crock, JM Smucker®, Blue Bunny®, Mike’s Hot Honey & Johnsonville to make this stunning Eggo Waffle POP Bar. It was the perfect way to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! This party was all about color and all about yummy fun! So, go shop at your local Walmart and bring this Eggo Waffle Pop Bar to your home. Here is how you can create this at home…


Let’s start with the decor. I was able to create this stunning Eggo Waffle Pop Bar by playing with & styling different objects and combining lots of colors against a white background. I found cute gift boxes, colorful paper banners, green cake plates, and the cutest piñata – that perfectly matched this fun color scheme. Tip: when styling a party, first pick your color palette & a theme. Then look around your house for things you might already have and go out shopping for things you still need. I began decorating this party with three essentials: a bar cart, a cute vanity table & a gold side table. Here is how you can get the look:


Bar carts are essential to entertaining and hosting. I have used my bar cart for every party that I have hosted here. It has even traveled with me and we have used it at other venues and homes. It is so convenient, and they are so perfect to style.  I recommend a 3 tiered bar cart as it allows you to display more items and it makes it even more versatile. For my Eggo Waffle Pop party, I used it as a dessert & drinks cart!


The top tier of my bar cart was all about this sweet ice cream treat. I wanted to give my guests the option of making an Eggo Waffle Ice cream Pop! It was so easy and simple!

  • once scoop of Blue Bunny® Bunny Tracks® ice cream
  • one yummy Eggo Homestyle Waffle!
  1. dip glass rim water.

2. then dip wet glass in sprinkles!

3. Let the rim dry to set the sprinkles in place.

4. add ice cream scoop.

5. add the Eggo Waffle pop!

6. finished!

I used Blue Bunny® Bunny Tracks®, which is basically Blue Bunny’s® signature flavor with a sundae twist. Mouthwatering caramel and fudge swirls, chocolaty covered peanuts, and chocolaty peanut butter bunnies buried in soft, vanilla ice cream. So good! Blue Bunny® offers more than 75 flavors of ice cream and frozen novelty products with premium ingredients, but this Blue Bunny® Bunny Tracks® was the right flavor for this party.


I used the 2nd tier of my bar cart to serve coffee & display it beautifully. Beautiful white coffee mugs & of course amazing coffee!  I love serving good coffee at every party. I served 1850 Coffee because it’s 100% Arabica, steel-cut, fire-roasted coffee beans. It has this bold, yet smooth taste that I really enjoyed. They evenly fire-roast their beans which yield a consistent coffee flavor with less bitterness. Available in three roasts. A medium roast of pioneer blend, medium-dark roast, Trailblazer and Dark Roast of Black Gold…you know me, I went for the Black Gold!


On the 3rd tier of my bar cart, I displayed LALA’s yogurt smoothies which were the drink of choice for this party.  They went perfectly with the Eggo Waffles that we served. Such a fun combination! I styled it with a stunning white vase and some greenery. So cute and elegant!  LALA’s yogurt smoothies were given a makeover – the formula has been improved by adding billions of probiotics and they had a packaging refresh. They are great for parties, but I also love that they are delicious, On-the-go and good-for-you yogurt smoothie drinks. Packed with 5 grams protein and made with real fruit. When life gets crazy around here, we don’t slow down for some good-for-you-nutrition. LALA makes it easy with convenient on-the-go products.


I love waffles…and because I love Eggo Waffles so much, I am always looking for creative ways to bring them into our meals and celebrations. For this party, I created an Eggo Waffle Pops Bar giving my guests the fun option to create their own Waffle Pop. Using a variety of fun ingredients, dips and toppings my guests created Eggo Waffle Pops just the way they desired. So, let’s start at the beginning, showing y’all how I made them.


Eggo Waffles are a great solution for so many occasions, It is the perfect option for a simple, quick breakfast for your family, a nutritious breakfast for the health conscious, or an indulgent savory meal or complex dessert  (like the one below) or an ice cream dessert like the one I just shared with y’all. Whatever the occasion, give them a try!!


I used three different dipping options:

  • melted chocolate
  • caramel
  • soft peanut butter

and two different toppings:

  • sprinkles
  • Pop-Tarts™ Cereal

I used Pop-Tarts™ Cereal as a topping. This is a new food form of Pop-Tarts™…that’s right, it’s now a cereal. Delicious pillow cereal pieces that are filled and frosted, they were just what I was looking for – yummy toppings for my Eggo Waffle Pop Bar. Something, frosted, filling & fun!

I also added Jif Natural Creamy Peanut Butter & Smucker’s® Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread to the Eggo Waffles! Jif Natural Creamy Peanut Butter includes fresh roasted peanuts, no GMO or preservatives…heck yes! I love Smucker’s® Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread because the first ingredient is handpicked strawberries and it’s no GMO either!


I wanted to make sure that there was a treat for everyone; something everyone would enjoy.  For those friends who didn’t have much of a sweet tooth but had a keen appetite for spice, I created a savory corner, where they could build their own Eggo Waffle creation.  This one was not an Eggo Waffle Pop, although, had I waited long enough my friends might have found a way to stick their creations on a popsicle stick too.

I offered Johnsonville Original Breakfast Sausage Links & Patties, which I bought at Walmart. I like to serve them because they have no artificial flavors or colors, they are made with only premium cuts of pork.

The Johnsonville pork patties were placed on an Eggo Waffle that was first topped with Country Crock® Original Spread.  A delicious country fresh taste made from real, simple ingredients, like a blend of oils, purified water, and a pinch of salt.

Country Crock® Original Spread tastes great on Eggo Waffles, and it’s not only great for this Waffle Pop Bar but also great on toast for a quick and easy breakfast. It can also be used for baking soft and chewy cookies and cakes, or sautéing with vegetables – it’s the go-to ingredient in the kitchen for all of your baking, cooking, and spreading needs!

Finally, our savory treat was finished with a drizzle of the incredibly delicious Mike’s Hot Honey. Mike’s Hot Honey is New York wildflower honey infused with Brazilian chili peppers.  It’s honey with a kick. The perfect combo of sweet and heat; just the perfect way to finish off this savory dish. Have I mentioned how amazing Mike’s hot honey tastes on a pizza?!? Yum!

In the end, the party was a complete success! Everything was very cute, and everyone enjoyed themselves. I hope that you are able to recreate your own Eggo Waffle Pop Bar at home and have some fun while hosting and entertaining. Enjoy!


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