Almost dead: My journey to motherhood & surviving HELLP Syndrome

Hours after Bella was born, I became very ill. My body developed something called HELLP Syndrome and I almost died.  This is a post about why I celebrate Mother’s Day so intensely…

Pictures by: MARelly from Happy Thoughts Studios

HELLP Syndrome is:

H Hemolysis ( which is the breaking down of red blood cells)

EL ( elevated liver enzymes)

LP ( low […]

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How a mom crushes after-school hunger with Chobani® Gimmies™Snacks for kids

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Chobani® Gimmies™ yogurts for kids.

By now you know me pretty well, I am all about bringing glam to everyday motherhood life – just my way of trying to simplify motherhood, but still making it glamorous, so that we don’t lose sight of who we are as […]

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Okay ladies, especially you mother’s out there…..Let’s talk about boobs for a second. I am not really sure what happens to our boobs after child birth, but these things change. Different sizes, different shapes, some hang lower; I mean…because it isn’t enough to deal with everything else that happens to our bodies after […]

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PARENTING A Highly sensitive Child: How to help them thrive in an overwhelming world

Photos by MarElly from Happy Thoughts Studios


Parenting a highly sensitive child in an overwhelming world can be a little challenging & frustrating.  Sometimes I felt alone, that no one understood what my child and I were facing. One thing that has really helped me become a better parent was as accepting […]

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How can Motherhood be Glamorous

With spit ups, blowouts, all nighters & little ones depending on us for everything, how can motherhood ever be glamorous. It seems that those two things could never co-exists -unless a personal assistant or a nanny are involved – and even then its messy.  I don’t mean glam in the sense of over dressing and wearing pearls on the daily. Although I see no objection […]

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Gifting just got more glamorous! Be known as the #1 gifter, with Scout bags!

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Scout bags

I love the amazing quality of the Scout bags I just received. Just in time for Mother’s Day!

These bags have been so carefully crafted & are incredibly beautiful. They really are the gift that keeps on giving. This reusable gift bag is a gift in itself. It was […]

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How to do a ladies day trip to Magnolia Market

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Summer break

I usually spent countless summer hours by the pool, lathering sunblock, putting on puddle jumpers (although they just came off my last one), and making sure the kids are safe. I am all about making summer fun […]

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