With spit ups, blowouts, all nighters & little ones depending on us for everything, how can motherhood ever be glamorous. It seems that those two things could never co-exists -unless a personal assistant or a nanny are involved – and even then its messy.  I don’t mean glam in the sense of over dressing and wearing pearls on the daily. Although I see no objection to that, if you want to wear Stilletos to the mall, to push your screaming toddlers in his stroller – I say more power to ya.  What I mean by bringing glam to motherhood is to live life in such a way, that we don’t forget ourselves as women – important and valid humans, who also deserve some self care and self love.

Too often are the sleep deprived nights that force us out of our beds, way too early,  and out our doors with messy buns, yesterday's make up and yoga pants. I am here to remind you - do not loose sight of the woman you are. You are more than just a mom,  a wife;  you are YOU.  You are worth caring for, investing in, taking a break and getting glammed up.  Mother hood can be glamorous too, it can be fun and it can include time for you. Investing in yourself is investing in your family - its giving them the best of you.

When was the last time you got all dressed up? or the last time you went out with the girls and did something nice for yourself?  Let's make some time to do some of that girly stuff that we used to love doing for ourselves. Getting our hair done, mani, pedis; I mean what happened to getting our eyebrows done? or wearing something cute because we were going out for a lunch date. When did doing all that for ourselves stopped?

Here are some ways you can add a little more glad to  your everyday motherhood life:

Take a monthly self care date with yourself.

Manicures, Pedicures, waxing oh my! But seriously, when was the last time you put that down on your family calendar as an "activity" that needs to happen.  More importantly, when was the last time you actually made it happen? Do something that is going to make you feel better about yourself, that is going to give you a boost in your self confidence and your self image. As women we tend to be so critical of ourselves, always finding fault  or imperfections in our bodies. Take out time to stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful, that you are worth it. Take out time to get pampered- make it a part of your budget, invest that money on yourself. While I am a total believer in going to a therapist and talking/working on your issues - I also believe in the healing power that comes from  getting pampered.  Go go now and make that appointment and add some glam to your self care routine.

Plan a date with your friends - no kids!

As moms we always plan cute play date ideas for our kiddos. We want them to have a good time with friends, to have fun - be kids and enjoy their childhoods. Why can't we do that for ourselves? Break up the monotony of your life. Plan something fun and enjoy yourself in the company of friends that you love. Leave the drama behind, if there is a friend that is always full of drama - spare yourself and enjoy an evening with people who are going to help you grow as a woman, as a mom and as an individual. At this point in our lives - we don't have time for drama, so take that out of the equation.

Go out to a restaurant, go out for cocktails, get dressed up and have some adults only fun. Maybe do something daring - if you have adrenaline junkies in your life -go and plan something that you have never done before. Make a bucket list and start checking stuff off your list. Maybe you have a wish list of places to go -start tackling that list with your friends. I know for me - I love hanging out in downtown Austin, I have a list of places I want to eat at, or drink at, or hang out at. So I am always pushing my ladies to take a little longer drive and hang out at our beautiful downtown. What are some things that you have been dreaming doing? GO! Do them, your date life needs a little glam!

Once a week take 1 hour of un-interrupted time for yourself.

I know what you are thinking. Am I insane? How can I take an un-interrupted hour to myself? Its possible! It might take a little planning, maybe moving a couple of things around in your schedule or even making it happen after the kids are in bed, but you need to make it happen; this is for you! YOU time.  I would even argue that one hour a week is not enough time, I would say one hour a day, but this might be the first step that you need to take  in order to reach the goal of getting one hour a week all to yourself.

My favorite thing to do is to take a 1 hour Epson Salt bath, I suggest these a lot in my blog - mostly because I have personally seen the health benefits of such. Not only for the body but also for the mind. The health benefits of magnesium for the body and the mind are huge - try it for yourself and practice quieting your mind and focusing on your breaths and really trying to find the calmness of the moment.  We are always on the go, we are always thinking and overthinking. Our world as moms are always full of chatter and noise - learning to quiet ourselves brings so much peace and tranquility to an otherwise over noisy world. So go and glam up your un-interrupted time with yourself!

Work out!

Yup! I went there! Working out! When was the last time you did that for yourself? Lets be honest that should be happening every day. That is what is going to keep your body healthy and your mind working properly. The endorphin that we get from working out will just make our days better. Grant us energy and keep our bellies from growing ;) lol! Sorry I had to. But in all seriousness, our bodies, our hearts need the exercise - and in the end, it will help you become a better version of yourself and give you the energy that you need to be able to survive a day as a mom! Your kids need your super powers! What are you waiting for, add some glam to your working out time!

Motherhood can be glamorous! It will require a little planning on your part and some scheduling. It might be uncomfortable for you at first, but I really feel like it is something that you will quickly learn to love and see its worth. It will start of pay off in your life and in the life of your family. We do so much for them, at times we are the "motor" that keeps the family "engine" going. Constant maintenance is the only way to ensure the vitality and the functionality of that engine.


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