Our Entrance Table

This entrance table has become one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house. I love that it is not new, it has character and a lot of storage. This little gem used to be a buffet table in its former days…after a little love, elbow grease and good ole’ paint, it became this incredible furniture piece.

Now it sits in its grandness, in our entryway, for everyone to admire and love.

It was not always this beautiful. We met one Thursday afternoon at my local thrift store. I would like to say it was love at first sight…but it was not. It was dark and dated, poor thing was covered in dust and layers of crud.

You can say I fell in love with how much potential it had. I loved the lines and all the little moldings that adorned it.  So, I took it home with me and decided to work on our relationship. As a mom of two, I did not have a lot of time to work with it. This project took me about 3 months to complete. I worked on it in my garage, maybe 45 minutes a day, while the kiddos played in the front yard.


…and thus began my 3 month journey of working with the table to get it prepped for paint.

The transformation:

I worked hard at getting this dresser where I needed; but I also had fun during the process. I think that if you enjoy the challenge, it makes it that much enjoyable & memorable. It also helped to have a dad who is very handy and familiar with wood working. I was able to talk to him and I ask him question as they arose. Here are the steps I took to transform this dresser:

1- Gather all of your materials, find a well ventilated area to work, & place a canvas drop cloth on the floor . Place your furniture piece on it. You are ready to get started.

2-Remove all the hardware & drawers/doors

3- Sanded it down, using a couple of different sand papers.

(Sand paper come in different grit numbers (this grit numbers helps you choose which sandpaper to use for your specific project. In my case, the buffet was in pretty good shape; all I wanted to do was removed the layers of varnish/paint on it.)

So, I used sandpaper 100 grit to remove material & strip away the varnish.  Then, I used sandpaper 220 grit to prepare the bare surface of my buffet giving it a smooth surface. It also helped to remove any scratches and the final preparation for finishing.

3- Prime it

You don’t want to skip the paint primer, only because it will give you a great base for your paint to go on. Dare I say, this step is a must! I recommend Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer.

4- Paint it.

The trick to achieving a smooth look on a piece, is adding Floetrol additive to your paint. (Which you can purchase if you click on the link) It will smooth out the paint as it dries, reducing brush marks or any other little air bubbles. Remember to paint in a well ventilated area and always use your face mask!

5- Install new hardware (or the same ones you took off).

I love buying hardware at stores like Tjmaxx, Marshalls & Homegoods; I feel like they have some unique stuff that looks great on projects like this one.

Our show stopper entryway table:

I removed a couple of doors, which I feel made it look lighter, removed a couple of coats of stain, sanded it down a bit and then gave it a fresh coat of crisp, white paint. New hardware and this babe is rockin!

Then the fun begins and you start playing around with styling your entryway table. I like to change my up every season/holiday.

There are so many fun, cute decor that can be displayed here!  One other reason why I love this piece of furniture is its storage. We can hide keys, gloves, hats, scarfs…its perfect!

There it is, our amazing entryway “table”. Thank you for reading this make-over post. I hope that you were able to enjoy it!

Materials needed/recommended for this Project:

I would love to hear all about your furniture transformation adventures. Please comment below or add some of your before and after pictures.

Xo, Melissa




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