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Date your spouse…

Clyde and I committed to dating each other on a weekly basis. It was one of the things that we changed in our lives to purposely strengthen our relationship. We have learned that if we aren’t purposely in pursuit of each other – the relationship suffers. It is so easy to find excuses, and our schedules are always packed – but making time for dating is a must! It is what will feed the relationship and keep it alive in years to come.

Backyard mini date idea…

So on the weeks we are not able to get away, or a date/babysitter/dinner & a movie are not in the budget…we have a mini date in our backyard.  Last Sunday we hosted a Wine and Charcuterie Party in our backyard, it was early evening when we finished. We put the kids to bed …and we still had enough time to hang out with each other, enjoy some great wine and left over cheese. We danced on the grass and honestly just sat down on our patio furniture and talked.  That is the thing about dating, its all about making time and putting in the effort to get to know each other….with interrupted alone time.

 H O W  T O  C R E A T E   A   D A T E    A T M O S P H E R E

 H O W  T O  C R E A T E   A   D A T E    A T M O S P H E R E

Date your spouse


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