Here are some awesome ideas, inspirations and a perfectly fun way to set out time to be with your young daugther. I am sharing  ways to empower a young daugther.  I hope that this inspires you to create some amazing times with your daugther too.

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One of the first ways to empower a young daugther: is to teach her to recognize, celebrate other women.    I think it’s vital to celebrate the accomplishment of other women. We should teach our daughters and our sons that the success of others should be an inspiration to our lives and that we defile it when we envy or are jealous of what they have accomplished.  Bella and I celebrated Kendra Scott’s success, a woman we don’t know, but a woman we can relate to, a woman we can admire. Teaching our next generation what success is, gives them a marker, a sort of target to aim for, in their own lives.


The second way to empower a young daugther is: to teach her to dream and dream big.  Today Bella and I planned a mother-daugther date to Kendra Scott’s new store in South Congress Ave, Austin Tx. I am fascinated and inspired by Kendra Scott because she was a first-time mom with a newborn baby and a husband, who was out of work, when she first started her business. Despite those odds, she withdrew $500 from her bank account to buy some stones and began making her own jewelry.  She bet on herself and created Kendra Scott Design, an incredibly beautiful jewelry line – that has now become her multi-million dollar empire.

As a mom, one of the lessons I want to pass on to my daugther is that it is okay to dream. That every huge success began as a dream. We carry a great responsibility of teaching and  allowing our daugther to dream -and to dream of the impossible; to dream of that which has never been done before. By taking her to see Kendra Scott’s new store she was able to see and experience what women are capable of doing.


Another one of the ways to empower a young daugther is: to work hard and then cheer on your female tribe.      That day we made each other a promise…that we will be women who dream big, work hard, love much and create a beautiful world around us. I promised to be her biggest cheerleader, encourager and fan. It was a really awesome moment.

I exhort you and remind you again – instill in our future generation that every huge success story began with a little dream. Teach them that with a lot of hard work,  sweat, tears and commitment- dreams do become a reality. Remind your daugther that we don’t win by stepping on others – there is too much of that. Too many women out there – who are not helping other women succeed in life. We are different, we are a tribe; we are here to help, love and respect others, especially our fellow women.  Success is achieved, when we play our special part in this journey & then turn around to cheer each other on!

Dreaming big


One of the first ways to empower a young daugther is: overcome life’s obstacles they make us stronger.  We took out time to speak about her dyslexia -a challenge that we will face together. Not as something that is going to slow her down, but as something that will make her stand out. This child has such a fighting spirit in her; despite the odds and the learning disabilities that we have discovered in the past year – she has not given up and works her heart out at school.

Success is realizing that it’s not going to come easy – and then having the courage to carry on. You might not have dyslexia, but we all have our obstacles. Speak to our future generations that life is full of obstacles, that life is hard and full of challenges. Encourage them to not shy away from a challenge, but to approach it face on. It will make her stronger. As a woman in power, as a female of great social influence or social reach, as a financially stable person, as a mother, grandmother, writer, editor, CEO, Congress man/woman, Senator, President it is our responsibility to look at the needs, at the obstacles of those around us and help them over come them or remove them if we are so able. Let us be humans who seek to empower others & invest in the future generations on the world.


Our relationship as mother and daugther solidified a little more that day.  We have always been really close, but as we plan & spontaneously take time to grow, relate and share special moments -our relationship gets that much stronger.  My loving suggestions to all you moms  out there, is take out time to talk, listen and just be with your daughters.  They will not remember all of the things that you have purchased for them, but I promise you this, they will cherish that time you took out for them. Invest in your daughters – and they will shine. To those who are not mothers- invest in a child.

I have written a really cute post on WAYS TO SOLIDIFY YOUR MOTHER DAUGTHER RELATIONSHIP if you are looking for inspirations, on how to grow your relationship with your daugther, be sure to check out this post by clicking the link…plus it has a ton of cute pics too!!

Let’s dream baby girl, because anything is possible.

Let us dream the most grandiose of dreams and envision amazing adventures to come. For you are stronger than you know & within you lives the Spirit of hope, love and fearlessness.  Let It guide you, let It be your compass as you sail thru life. Be fearless my child; do not allow fear to hinder you, but make it your friend -a faithful companion that cannot paralyze you, but instead teaches you that anything is possible!    You will go places -my sweet child, you will see great things and reach unremarkable accomplishments…but right now, all you have to do is dream! 

I don’t know of a mother who isn’t wishing or speaking these words over her daugther.  As mothers we seek the best for our kids, but as women, we try to instill that little extra spark in our daughters, so they can shine in this world, like a roaring fire.  Investing time & teaching our daughters from the hard lessons we have lived through, empowers them. Let us be women who seek to invest and empower our next generation.  I hope that you, as a mother, as a mentor, as a teacher, as an influencer, as a woman in a great position – get inspired to ignite the flame in a young woman’s heart, for we all have a part to play!



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