#1 Wake up 15 minutes before the kids + set up your alarm

Waking up before the kids, has been life changing for me. Giving myself 15 extra minutes in the morning really helps me to wake up, gather my self & have some quiet time in prayer.  I like to pick out my clothes the night before, so I have a good clue as to what I am going to grab and put on that morning.  I get dressed, grab a cup of coffee and I sit on my favorite chair, looking out the window, contemplating on the day ahead of me.

So much of this life is rushing about and doing a million things, quiet times seem to fade more and more as we pack our schedules with activities, and all those daily to-do’s. As a busy mom, I would love to encourage you, to take some time for yourself, quiet time, alone time – and do something that you love for yourself. 15 minutes a day is not that much – but its such a great investment.

#2 make mornings calm

I recently  read a blog post on the calming effects a song can have in reducing anxiety. This particular song mentioned, can reduce anxiety by up to 65%, click here to listen.  I am no neurologist and I certainly do not have the right qualifications to recommend something that will reduce your stress, or the stress your kiddos suffer in the mornings…BUT, I can share with you what has worked for me.

As a mom of a very sensitive child, I am very aware of things/situations that triggers my child.  I am  learning, thru trial an error, what works best to create a peaceful & stress free morning for her.   One huge win for us of  has been music. I play calm, soft, worship music in the mornings when they wake up.  I feel like it helps to awaken their little minds and just establishes a morning routine that is filled with tranquility and not chaos. Give it a try, see how your kiddos react to some music.

If I am stressed, they are stressed. Kids pick up on our cues- they know when mom is sad, or angry or anxious, they learn to read us from a very young age – after all we are whom they model themselves after -whether we like it or not. So it should come as no surprise to hear me say – that you as a parent, need to set an example of what a peaceful morning looks like. Perhaps, it means that you have to be better prepared for your mornings -that you might need a little extra  you time  or that you may need to get more done and prepped the night before.  Set yourself up for a peaceful morning and your kids will follow your lead.  No pressure right ;)

#3  Let the kids know what is expected of them.  +free printable

I have this cute printable hanging around in the kitchen in the mornings. Its a daily reminder for the kids of what I expect from them. My son gets up and reads the checklist, every . morning. Yes the same list, the one that I haven’t changed. LOL!!

He reads what he is suppose to do and he goes and does it. We have all been created so different, for some reason, this checklist works for him.   It has been one of the most amazing things to witness. He is owing up to his responsibilities, I don’t have to ask him to do them over and over. I simply remind him to go see what is next on the list and he does it.

His reward is free time on my phone or watching morning cartoons. We have also talked about earning screen time on Fridays,  after school…and it has all worked great for him.  To see him so motivated, doing what he is suppose to be doing, is pretty amazing. He gets excited about choosing his own snacks – I  mean as a mom, that is such a major win. Its something else that I don’t have to do; and  I get to see my kids doing things for themselves….  without complaining.  I am blown away by how they have thrived by having a structured routine.


#4 Set alarms for the kids + per checklist item

I have to say, I am really impressed with Alexa. Not only can I set her to play songs (with voice command); but I have also been able to set 6 alarms that go off and keeps us on track in the mornings.  Alexa has helped the kids stick to their routine times – when they hear the alarm, they are made aware that time has come to move on to the next task.

I have a teacher friend who has set a play list to help her kids know how long they have on their stations. How cool would it be to have songs playing while the kids get things done in the mornings.

*click on image or here for where to buy Alexa. I am including an affiliate link. I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

#5 Reward your kids for their accomplishments

We have a daily reward and a weekly reward for accomplishing the morning tasks on time.

Our daily reward is = free time. The faster the kids  accomplish their tasks, the longer their free time is in the mornings. Free time includes, playing on iPads, my iPhone or watching cartoons.

We also have rewards at the end of the week. The kids earn screen time for Friday afternoons,  if they are able to get a star every weekday morning.  Because each kid is so different, you will have to set rewards according to what they like and what will motivate them.

I hope these tips help get your mornings organized and stress free. What are some hacks that have worked for your mornings. I would love to know in the comment below please. For more inspiration, check out our : ESTABLISHING AFTER SCHOOL ROUTINES WITH YOUR KIDS.


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