Back to School Dinners

SO we are Back to School  -its time to balance homework, after-school activities, snack time, making dinners all while not neglecting self care time.  I have created a list of yummy dinner ideas and inspirations from other fellow bloggers, that will help you survive the first two weeks of back to school. Many are one pot dinners, but they are all delicious. I hope […]

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Establishing after school routines with your kids

Photos by MarElly from Happy Thoughts Studios

Establishing after school routines with the kids

Establishing after school routines

Establishing after school routines with the kids, can be fun and can help you organize your home.

Last school year, I tried something new with the kiddos, in hopes, that they would be involved in helping me keep the house organized. […]

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Self Packing Snack station

planning, organizing, purging & rearranging


The first day of school is fast approaching, I have already cried over such a short summer break and we are jumping into back to school mode. Around here that means lots of planning, […]

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