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My vision for adding curtain trim to my son’s new room, came from a Pottery Barn Kids catalog. I have found, that having a vision when I start one of my projects, inspires and enables me to accomplish my goal better. So, I start having visions of Pottery Barn Catalog styled rooms in my head. Seems like I get lost in dream of beautifully dressed children that playing quietly without making a mess. They play on crisp white furniture that never seem to get dirty or stained. It’s magical…it’s so inspiring.

And it’s not real, at least not for my family…and that’s okay.


You have your vision, now its time to make it yours.  In my case, I have come to terms with the fact that my kids will be messy and live in their rooms, making a mess and making memories. So I wanted a high end look curtain trim look, at a more affordable price. Here is how you too can create this look.

Part 1: Curtain Trim Tutorial


white curtains and black trim


First of all, select the color of the curtain that want. Next, you should also select the color and style of your trim.  Because I wanted a crisp and traditional look, I went for a white curtain, with a decorative fringe border in black.


adding curtain trim


Therefore, I turned to Ikea!  I had some white Ikea curtains that I wasn’t using and I purchased 6 yards of black fringe trim* at my local hobby store.  I have included an affiliated link for your convenience.

*(I recommend this product because I have used it and I love it. I make a little money from this affiliate link (yay!!) at no additional cost to you and you get an awesome product).



Next, I secured the black fringe trim to the curtain by using sewing pins. While many might say its not important, I suggest making sure you place all the sewing pins, facing the same direction, because this makes it a lot easier on you when you are sewing.


pinning trim to curtain


It is especially relevant to say, you should make sure your thread is the same color of your trim.  Prepare your sewing machine, with the right color thread and you are set. Finally, you are ready to start sewing. Sew slowly and carefully, as a result I have experience neat sewing patterns.



Once you have finished sewing, continue by iron your curtains. This will make them wrinkle free and beautiful.



After they are perfectly ironed, install your curtain rod! You are almost done. Look at that cute little helper!



Behold! beautiful white curtains with a black fringe trim.




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