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Back to School and how to survive the first 2 weeks

The first 2 weeks of back to school are always the most challenging for my family. It’s a time of adjusting to a new routine and getting settled into accepting and embracing many changes.  We have identified this time as a little chaotic for our family in years past, this is why we created a survival guide of sorts – on how to survive the first 2 weeks of school…let me share it with you, in hope that it will help you and your family.

I have complied a list of easy dinners, that other fellow bloggers have shared on Pinterest. Then I created a shopping list and a meal calendar for you! woo hoo! Print the shopping list and the calendar; then go grocery shopping you are set! A great hack and 2 weeks worth of easy dinners.

These 5 hacks have helped the kids and I have great mornings. These are tried are true…its how we thrived last year. Check them out so that you can also have peaceful and stress free school mornings

We began a great afternoon routine that really worked for the kids and I. One that has been successful in helping the kiddos know what is expected of them and one which also provides down time for them.

This printable is a lifesaver around here. We love how it has helped our kids know what is expected of them in the mornings. They get to check out their tasks and work towards getting a reward at the end of the week. get yours!!


A great way to catch up and connect with your kids after school is to have a talk while serving them a snack. Yummy snacks and a time for them to vent has been a great way for us to connect.

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